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take pillar apart machine - 拆柱机
take w apart - 拆卸
take sth apart - 拆开,拆卸,拆散
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Bilingual sentences

  • 拆开、分解,准备移动钻机或者防喷器。
    To take apart, disassemble and otherwise prepare to move the rig or blowout preventers.
  • 请先将机器拆开。
    Please take apart the machine at first.
  • 关于真实气候反应极好的是他们对贝尔论据的科学性一点一点剖析的方式。
    What is excellent about the Real Climate response is the way they take apart the science of Bell's arguments piece by piece.
  • 玩具拿开前先将它拆成一件件滴。
    Take apart the pieces before putting the toys away.
  • 我三岁大的女儿能将我都不能拆下的东西搞坏;任何坚硬的东西都会在他的愤怒面前畏缩。
    My three-year-old daughter can break things that I can't even take apart; seemingly sturdy objects quail before her wrath.
  • 有的小孩拆开手表,看看是什么使它走个不停。
    The child wants to take apart a watch to see what makes it work.
  • 五十年前好学的孩子们可以拆开一个闹钟收音机或摩托车,搞清楚它是怎么运作的,甚至还能把它重新组装起来。
    Fifty years ago inquisitive children could take apart a clock, radio set or motorbike, figure out how it worked, and even put it together again.
  • 换做以前,我可以将任何可以打印的东西拆开又重新组装起来。
    Back then, I could take apart and reassemble anything that could be printed.
  • 但是任何简单的东西不会毁灭,因为它们没有部分,不会被拆开。
    But anything that's simple can't be destroyed in that way it has no parts to take apart.
  • 你怎么能因为要修课桌而把一张质量很好的椅子拆散了呢?
    How could you take apart a good quality chair in order to fix the dwsks?
  • 拆开,分解;扯下。
    To take apart; disassemble ; tear down.
  • 男孩通常是由他们的内部引擎——大脑,所驱使,他们通过大脑去观察、分析、攫取以及剖析周围的世界,以至于对父母的反对置若罔闻。
    Boys are driven by their internal engine, their brain, to wander, investigate, grab, and take apart the world around them. They are so driventhat they may shrug off disapproval from their parents.
  • 使…的关节分离;使脱臼。
    To take apart at the joints.
  • 本文对股利政策和公司治理理论进行了剖析。
    The article take apart dividend policy and company governing theory.
  • 男孩子们由他们的内置引擎——大脑来驱动他们去探寻、调查、获取、剖析他们周围的世界。
    Boys are driven by their internal engine, their brain, to wander,investigate, grab, and take apart the world around them.
  • 在孟加拉吉大港里,工人们将一艘货轮解体,使得每一部分可以作为废品销售。
    In Chittagong, Bangladesh, workers take apart a freighter so the parts can be sold for scrap.
  • 我们可以拆开我的玩具车去看它的内部构造% 、 部件和如何装配的。
    We would take apart my toy cars and look at the casting, molding and assembly.
  • 如果我的电脑又死机,我会亲手把它拆了。
    If my computer stops working again, I will take apart it myself.
  • 小孩对事物的运作充满了好奇,他们总想把表拆开,看看它到底是如何工作的。
    Young children are curious about how things work. The child wants to take apart a watch to see what makes it work.
  • 分析器的工作是分离一串文本并返回一个标号流。
    The analyzer's job is to take apart a string of text and give you back a stream of tokens.
  • 我小儿子喜欢将玩具汽车拆开玩。
    My little son likes to take apart his toy cars.
  • 剖析目前特需医疗服务供方所存在的主要问题,初步探讨在我国发展特需医疗服务适宜的承担主体。
    To take apart the main problems exist in the providers of special medical care, then discuss the feasible providers in our country.
  • 犯罪分成子将所盗汽车拆成零件并销售出赴的窝点。
    A shop where criminals take apart stolen cars and sell the parts.