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adv. 如外科手术般地
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surgically - 外科手术,在外科手术上,手术的
corrected surgically - 在医学上译为通过外科手术矫正
treated surgically - 手术治疗,治疗手术
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外科手术上; 如外科手术般地
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Bilingual sentences

  • 这种形式的肺癌肿瘤扩散速度快,所以通过手术移除肿瘤的可能性极小。
    With this form of lung cancer, tumours spread quickly so it is rarely possible to remove the tumours surgically.
  • 2004年,Huffman先生将一块磁铁外科手术般地植入他的指尖里,来学习了解对于耳障患者人工耳蜗植入技术的应用。
    In 2004, Mr. Huffman had a magnet surgically inserted into his fingertip to study the utility of cochlear implants for the hearing-impaired.
  • 麦凯恩与这种最致命的皮肤癌的较量始于1993年,那一年,医生在他的左臂发现了一个黑素瘤,并动手术进行了切除。
    Sen. John McCain's battle with the most deadly type of skin cancer began in 1993, when doctors discovered and surgically removed a melanoma on his left arm.
  • “值得记住的是,后背疼有一段最终被证明有害的治疗史,比如手术移除患者的尾骨。” 周博士说。
    "It's worth remembering that back pain has a history of treatments ultimately found to be detrimental, like surgically removing patients' tailbones, " Dr. Chou says.
  • 如果能够准确确定材料,就可以使用其他材料改变其外观。
    When you can pinpoint material, you can surgically replace it with other material.
  • 科比通过手术破坏大鼠杏仁核的基底外侧区域后发现海马体新生神经元的产生数量随之减少。
    Using rats, Kirby surgically destroyed the basolateral amygdala and discovered that the production of new nerve cells in the hippocampus decreased.
  • 但是如果是时候你为了他的利益而去手术隆胸,那么他也应该为你做相同的事情。
    But if it's time for you to surgically enhance yourself for his benefit, then he should do the same for you.
  • 以外科的方法强化静脉扭曲,使更适宜的血液流向大脑,这一理念令世人称道。
    The idea that surgically straightening occluded veins to have proper blood flow out of ones brain is more than astounding it is normal.
  • 她暂时中断了对卢卡莎娜的检查,跑到附近一个病房,照看一位黄疸病患者,这位妇女需要接受外科手术来移除腹中的死胎。
    Interrupting her examination of Ms. Ruksana, she raced to a nearby ward to tend to a woman stricken with jaundice whose dead fetus needed to be surgically removed.
  • 变性人可能通过荷尔蒙的分泌抑或手术来改变性别。
    Transgender individuals might change their bodies hormonally or surgically to alter their gender — or not.
  • 它也有可能仅仅是一个囊肿,能被身体再吸收或者通过手术就可以把它给切除掉。
    It could just be a cyst that would either reabsorb itself into the body or need to be surgically removed.
  • 然而当外科医生为我做手术时(因为用X光很难判断疝气,必需得靠外科手术),在那块疙瘩后面却并未发现任何露出来的肠子什么的。
    But when surgeons operated (a hernia is tough to X-ray and needs to be fixed surgically), there was no twisted loop of intestine behind that bump.
  • 通过基于业务优先级制定路线图,银行可以像做外科手术一样扩展和替换其“心血管系统”的各个部分。
    By developing a roadmap based on business priorities, banks can surgically extend and replace key portions of their cardiovascular system.
  • 第二天,通过手术,电池被拿了出来,艾丹回到了家里。
    The battery was surgically removed the next day, and Aidan was sent home.
  • 通常采用药物或手术即可治疗。
    It is often medically or surgically treatable.