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  • 但对但对当前这场金融危机提供的支持规模是史无前例的:整个系统都得到了明确的担保。
    Yet the scale of support that has been extended in the current financial crisis is unprecedented: the entire system has been explicitly guaranteed.
  • 方法应用社会支持评定量表调查192例住院脑卒中患者所获得的社会支持情况。
    Methods By using social-support scale, the social-support status of 192 in-patients with acute stroke was assessed.
  • 能够量测以支持并发用户的预期数量;
    Infrastructure that can scale to support the anticipated number of concurrent users
  • 外向型与社会支持评定量表各指标呈正相关;
    There are positive correlation between the extraversion and the sum of social support rating scale.
  • 生活质量评定量表的生活质量总分与支持总分呈显著正相关(P
    Quality of Life Rating Scale total score and support the quality of life scores were significantly correlated(P
  • 随着高校规模的日渐扩大,软、硬件建设需要巨大的资金支撑。
    Software and hardware building need lots of huge financial support with the growing scale of colleges and universities.
  • 质量表现了由开发环境所展示的特性,例如开发环境支持并发用户数量的能力。
    A quality represents a property exhibited by the development environment, such as the ability for the development environment to scale to support different numbers of concurrent users.
  • 神经质与社会支持评定量表各指标基本上呈负相关;
    There are proximal negative correlation between the neuroticism and the sum of social support rating scale.
  • 为支持大规模长时间运行并行程序的调试,有必要将检查点机制引入到并行程序调试器中。
    In order to support the debugging of large scale parallel programs that run for a long time, it is necessary to introduce checkpointing techniques into debuggers for parallel programs.
  • 二是对出口产业的规模经济支撑;
    Secondly, it can support the scale economy of export.
  • 这个战略真正意识到了建立一个能支持教育大规模发展的体系的必要。
    The strategy rightly recognizes the importance of building systems that support the development of education on a large scale.
  • 方法:用SCL-90、社会支持评定量表和父母养育方式问卷对989名农村中学生进行调查。
    Methods: 989 rural middle school students in Jiangxi province were investigated with SCL-90, Social Support Rating Scale and the Chinese versions of EMBU.
  • 通过广播,可以使服务器同时支持大量的客户机,节省通信带宽和服务器处理资源,保证客户机获得最新的数据。
    The server can support a large scale of clients, save communication bandwidth and server processing resources, and make the clients get the newest data via broadcast.
  • 可以评价的基础以支持并发用户的预期数量
    An infrastructure that can scale to support the anticipated number of concurrent users
  • 目的寻求脑卒中病人居家主要照顾者负荷水平与社会支持度之间的关系。
    All the participants were assessed by the Burden Scale and the Social Support Scale of the main home infirmarian of the stroke patients.
  • 国家科学政策、指导方针和经费支持力度对于博士生教育规模发展影响重大。
    The national scientific policies, guidelines and efforts for funds support influence the educational scale of doctoral students significantly.
  • 戴蒙在驳斥新规时称,要满足超大型企业的需求,必须依靠大型银行:意即银行必须具备一定规模要。
    In arguing against new rules, Dimon says large banks are necessary to support the needs of the very largest corporations: scale is essential.