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Dictionary explanation
n. 监察人(supervisor的复数)
Web explanation
Supervisors - 监事,主管,监理人员
asbestos supervisors - 石棉监工
doctoral supervisors - 博士生导师
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Bilingual sentences

  • 你的同事或其他主管会注意到你的努力工作,你的付出都是有回报的。
    Your coworkers and other supervisors will take notice of your hard work, and it will pay off.
  • 我在德意志银行的老板们告诫我应该尽量避免在媒体面前发表关于银行业的如此强硬的负面评论。
    My supervisors at Deutsche Bank told me that I should avoid making those kinds of strong, negative comments about the banking sector in the press.
  • 经过二战的千捶百炼,我们的劳动大军有世界上最好的管理者和最熟练的工人。
    Coming out of World War II, our labor force had the best supervisors and the most highly skilled workers.
  • 其中一位被指控用鞭子抽打工人的监工,年仅14岁。
    One of the supervisors, age 14, is accused of beating workers with whips.
  • 大多数上司宁肯转移资源或期望,也不会试图去强迫某个存在外部问题的人做到100%。
    Most supervisors would rather shift resources or expectations than try to force someone with an outside issue to be 100 percent.