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Dictionary explanation
n. 优越,优势;优越性
Web explanation
Superiority - 优势,优越性,主场优势
heterozygote superiority - 异型接合体优势,异型接合子的优越性,异型优势
comparison superiority - 比较优势,比较优势度
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优越(性) / 上级 / 优越感
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优越, 优势; 优等; 上等; 上级
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Bilingual sentences

  • 通过比较公司的业绩在同行业中主要竞争对手的优势是建立。
    Superiority is established by comparing a company's performance to major competitors in the same industry.
  • 他手里拿着一把刷子,原先那傲慢的神气全不见了;他替波特刷身上的新衣,波特则缓缓地、时左时右地转动着身子。
    He held a brush in his hand, and, with all his airy superiority gone, he brushed potter's new clothes as the latter slowly turned this way and that way.
  • 通过试验和现场运行情况表明了该保护原理的可行性。
    The test and site operation results show the superiority of this technology.
  • 探讨了有机化学多媒体教学的优势与不足和传统教学的特点与不足。
    This thesis inquires into superiority and weakness of multimedia teaching and traditional teaching in organic chemistry education.
  • 海上优势已经转到我们这边了。
    The balance of maritime superiority has tipped in favor of us.
  • 她好在朋友和同学面前逞强。
    She is fond of flaunting her superiority before her friends and schoolmates.
  • 他表现出一副高高在上的样子以获得自我满足。
    He contented himself by assuming an air of superiority
  • 我们有空中优势。
    We have air superiority.
  • 在这一点上,作为站长,可以说是更多的技术优势。
    At this point, as the station master, can be said to be more technological superiority.
  • 当然,我们完全有理由要求立法和组织者,证明这一自然的优越性。
    And certainly we are fully justified in demanding from the legislators and organizers proof of this natural superiority.
  • 主队再进一球从而奠定了优势。
    The home side rubbed in their superiority with a further goal.
  • 与传统学生信息处理模式相比,基于网络的学生管理系统具有无可比拟的优越性。
    Compared with the traditional pattern, student management system based on the Internet has incomparable superiority.
  • 他们早已确立了明显的优势。
    They had already established a clear superiority.
  • 他觉得他的队伍实力坚强,声势浩大。
    He was confident of the unyielding strength and formidable superiority of his troops.