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n. [流] 流线(streamline的复数)
v. 使成流线型;简化…的过程(streamline的单三形式)
Web explanation
Streamlines - 流线,磁力线
closed streamlines - 封闭流线
Do streamlines - 做流线直体练习
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Bilingual sentences

  • 讨论了中心面上的流线。给出了流量以及阻力系数的计算式。
    Discusses the streamlines in central plane and presents some expressions for flow rate and resistance coefficient.
  • 该模板将治理过程组织起来,并且通过集中管理资产减少每一个社区的管理成本。
    This template streamlines the governance processes for all communities and reduces each community overhead by centrally managing the assets.
  • 流线是一种基本的流场可视化技术,计算流线要耗费大量时间。
    Streamline is one of the most fundamental techniques for visualizing steady flow fields, but calculating streamlines is a CPU intensive work.
  • ERP让你的组织程序合理化,帮助你发现商业需求更快更有效率。
    ERP streamlines processes within your organization and helps you meet business needs more efficiently and quickly.
  • 而且液晶也反映了表面流线,分离区内的涡流和管道流动的角效应。
    Besides, it can also give understanding of the surface streamlines, vortices in separation region and the corner effect of duct flow.
  • 由于这个应用程序的重点是定义那些收藏的数据,用户界面精简了寻求和添加信息的任务。
    Because the focus of this application is on the data that defines the collection, the user interface streamlines the tasks of seeking and adding information.
  • 使用谷歌的流线型照片管理器,可以管理你的照片,甚至可以将其传到博客和邮件上。
    Picasa. Manage your photos and even incorporate them into your blogs and emails with Google's streamlines photo manager.
  • 这个最新款有一个大胆的重新设计,一个简化了旧款的外观和功能,并把它正好应用在你可以每天戴的手表上。
    This latest execution boasts a bold redesign, one that streamlines the look and functionality of its predecessor and places it squarely in a watch that you can wear daily.
  • 流体的流速与流线的间距成反比。
    The velocity of the fluid is inversely proportional to the spacing of the streamlines.
  • 以流线性设计为起点,打破传统印象中的规矩,用不同线条的交织和转折来作画,让整个产品充满了艺术的气息。
    Streamlines design as a beginning breaks the custom in the traditional impression, painting with different lines interweaving and transform to fill the whole product with artistic breath.
  • 使用谷歌的流线型照片管理器,可以管理你的照片,甚至可以将其传到博客和邮件上。
    Manage your photos and even incorporate them into your blogs and emails with Google’s streamlines photo manager.
  • 该模型可用来描述代表卡尔曼-科曾和阿尔奇方程中的速度、电位、流线及控制等参数。
    The models delineate the velocity and electrical potentials, streamlines and controls, represented by Carman-Kozen and Archie's equations.
  • 显示出来的最高雷诺数为9500的流线分布,准确地描述了流动随时间的变化过程,捕捉了可能存在的运动模式。
    Furthermore, the streamlines for Reynolds numbers up to 9500 display the evolution with time of flow, and capture the possible flow pattern at different times.
  • 它也可以简化你的文件系统,使您的电脑运行时的最高速度与最稳定。
    It also streamlines your file system, enabling your computer to run at top speed with the most stability.
  • 我们的防震多功能电脑套是您在电脑搬运过程中的必需品。
    Our Cargo Laptop Sleeve streamlines the transport of your laptop and computer essentials.
  • 通过对沉浮运动一个周期流线图的分析,认为这是翼型前缘涡的影响造成的。
    An analysis of periodic flow streamlines shows that it is probably due to the effect of leading edge vortex.