stem cell

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[细胞] 干细胞,骨髓干细胞
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Stem Cell - 干细胞,干细胞,造血干细胞
stem-cell - 干细胞
Stem-cell trials - 干细胞试验
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Bilingual sentences

  • IPS细胞的实用性既没有消除胚胎干细胞研究的需求,也没有替代人体受试者。
    And the availability of IPS cells neither obviates the need for embryonic stem cell research nor replaces human subjects.
  • 如果你有一种类型的多余细胞,还需要另外一种类型的细胞,干嘛还要回到干细胞上去呢?
    If you’ve got extra cells of one type and need another, why go all the way back to a stem cell?
  • 工作组将建立一个网站,传播他们的指导方针以及全世界干细胞研究政策的信息,包括各国已制定的干细胞研究规章制度。
    It will set up a website to disseminate their guidelines and other information about stem cell research policies around the world, including codes of conduct that have already been established.
  • 但是如果我们不把干细胞研究彻底禁止,严格的规章制度对于确保这类研究被社会接受就是至关重要的。
    But if we should not ban stem cell research completely, tough regulation is essential to ensure that the research is socially acceptable.
  • 需要对生物医学和干细胞研究进行投入,使我们在预防和治疗方面处于优势地位;
    We need to invest in biomedical research and stem cell research, so that we’re at the leading edge of prevention and treatment.
  • 科学家使用一种新的干细胞技术,使他们可以将病人的皮肤转变为小块的大脑。
    Scientists are using a new stem cell technique allowing them to turn skin from patients into small pieces of brain.
  • 当前关于胚胎干细胞治疗的争论也是这样,而这项技术还没有贡献出任何一项可信的医学成就。
    The same is true for current arguments over embryo stem cell therapy, which has yet to contribute to a single reliable medical success.
  • 斯坦福干细胞生物学和再生医学研究院主任欧文·韦斯曼博士说:“这项研究是一个巨大的飞跃”。
    Dr Irving Weissman, director of Stanford's Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, said: "This study is a huge leap forward.
  • 此前有很多其他的动物也接受过干细胞的治疗,但那一般只是为了测试干细胞疗法的效果和安全性,以便于最后运用到人类身上。
    Plenty of other animals have been treated with stem cells, but normally it’s to test stem cell therapy's efficacy and safety for eventual use in humans.
  • 她还反对干细胞研究,以表现她那泛滥的”生存权“信念。
    Her right-to-life convictions extend to stem cell research, which she opposes.
  • 这实际上提供了如何进行一系列研究的蓝图,它真正提供了能通过食品药品管理局(FDA)许可程序的一系列人类胚胎干细胞治疗的原则。
    This really provides a blueprint for how to do these sorts of trials. It really proves the principle that these sorts of human embryonic stem cell therapies can survive the FDA approval process.
  • 当透析使他的肾功能恢复正常后,他开始对抗癌症,并且在2009年的2月他去做了化疗和干细胞移植。
    After dialysis helped his kidneys recover, it was time to attack the cancer, and in February 2009 he underwent chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant.
  • 加利佛尼亚大学干细胞研究中心主管,他的实验室正在进行此项研究。 他说:“正因为如此,许多人认为电子烟是安全的,完全可以替代传统香烟。
    "As a result, some people believe that e-cigarettes are a safe substitute for conventional cigarettes," said Prue Talbot, the director of UC Riverside's Stem Cell Center, whose lab led the research.
  • 这些20来岁的人就像是人类发展当中的干细胞,是不同结果都有可能发生的多潜能性时刻。
    THE 20S ARE LIKE the stem cell of human development, the pluripotent moment when any of several outcomes is possible.
  • 每个细胞圈都是从一个干细胞发育而来,这些干细胞反过来产生新的血液细胞。
    Each mass turned out to have emerged from a single stem cell, which in turn generated new blood cells.