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Dictionary explanation
v. 解决(solve的过去式);解答
adj. 解决了的
Web explanation
Solved - 告破,解开了,一了百了
Be solved - 亟待解决,必须解决,被解决
Solved Problem - 第四章,解决的问题
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Bilingual sentences

  • 问题算解决了。
    The problem is finally solved.
  • 我想不出你是怎么解决这个问题的。
    I can't think how you solved the problem.
  • 他拯救你的同时解决了你最大的问题。
    He solved your biggest problem when he saved you.
  • 用户应该详细评估自己的处理是否能用传统的惯例如插件节点来解决。
    You should carefully evaluate whether your processing can be solved with conventional practice like plug-in nodes.
  • 有问题要及时解决。
    Problems, if any, should be solved without delay.
  • 问题已根本解决。
    The problem has been completely solved.
  • 为什么这个问题至今解决不了?
    Why the problem can not be solved?
  • 他认为,他们的问题与其说是自然因素不如说是人为因素,所以当然可以由人类来解决。
    Their problems, he argues, are caused not so much by nature as by people, and they can be solved by people as well.
  • 还有一些具体问题要解决。
    Some specific problems have yet to be solved.
  • 解决问题之后,他的心情变得轻松了。
    His heart lightened after he had solved the problem.
  • 谁解决了这个问题?
    Who solved the problem?
  • 如果除了某些参数具有两种不同引用类型以外,这两个方法拥有相同数目和类型的参数,那么通过禁止重载可以解决这个问题。
    This problem is solved by disallowing overloading if the two methods have the same number and type of arguments except for some argument for which they have two different reference types.
  • 他说,问题应该通过律师而非士兵解决。
    Problems should be solved by lawyers, he says, not soldiers.
  • 我们通过引入网络接口的“投机”轮询解决了这两个 问题。
    We solved both of these by introducing “opportunistic” polling of the network interfaces.
  • 在大量分析的基础上,他们又采用一套特殊的处理方法解决了这个问题。
    On the basis of extensive analyses they solved this problem by adopting a set of special methods.
  • 问题已经解决了, 没什么说头儿了。
    Now that the problem is solved, nothing remains to be said.
  • 在接下来的半小时里,如果这个问题必须解决,你会怎样做?
    What if this problem had to be solved in the next half-hour?
  • 她深入地思考了这个问题,直到把它解决为至。
    She pored over the problem until she solved it.
  • 下面的解决方案描述了这些问题是如何循环地解决的,并且可以作为模式用于下一个项目,以助您一臂之力。
    The solutions below are descriptions of how these issues have been recurrently solved and may serve as a pattern to help you on your next project.
  • 没有人曾解决过这个问题。
    Nobody has ever solved this problem.
  • 那样将会改进性能,但是无法解决配置用户工作站的主要问题。
    That would have improved performance, but not solved the main problem of configuring user workstations.