she doesn’t know

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She Doesn T Know - 她并不知道
she doesn't know - 蓝调摇滚
She doesn't know me - 她不认识我
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Bilingual sentences

  • 最容易受骗的人是那些拥有“水仙花情节”的人。 他们把太多的注意力放在了自己的身上,从而导致不认识这个复杂的社会。
    Someone who has Narcissus Plot is easy to be cheated because he or she put the most attention to himself or herself so that he or she doesn't know the complex society.
  • 她并不认识你。
    She doesn't know you.
  • 她不知道, 我就是喜欢游泳。
    She doesn't know, I simply like to swim.
  • 茜茜是一位新来的小天使,她掌管下雨,可是她并不知道该怎么做。
    Cici is a new angel. She is in charge of the rain. But she doesn't know what to do.
  • 一半的时间她都不知道自己在说些什么。
    Half the time, she doesn't know what she's saying.
  • 问她没有用,她什么也不知道。
    It's no use asking her. She doesn't know anything.
  • 但是她不知道如何使云朵下雨。
    But she doesn't know how to make them rain.
  • 她不知道他的工作内容,他也绝不想让她知晓。
    She doesn't know what his job was, and he never wants her to find out.
  • 或许她觉得自己根本就不知道该怎么刷?
    Maybe she feels like she doesn't know what to do?
  • 她不知道你的地址。
    She doesn't know your address.
  • 她无力使他回来,因为她不知自已做了什么使他离去的事。
    To make matters worse, she feels powerless to get him back because she doesn't know what she did to turn him off.
  • 直到星期五我才知道你要来。
    She doesn't know my telephone number.
  • “她生气了——她不懂我们在干什么——她会把牛奶桶踢翻的!”
    'She is angry - she doesn't know what we mean - she'll kick over the milk!
  • 她太年轻了,她不知道有一天她也会需要人照顾。
    She doesn't know that one day she's going to need someone's help.
  • 她不知道如何和老板相处。
    She doesn't know how to get on with her boss.
  • 但是她不知道那个屠夫是她二表兄。
    But she doesn't know that the butcher is her second cousin .
  • 不妙的是,两人建立关系后,她不知道秋波对他仍然很重要,而忽略了传送这个讯息。
    Unfortunately, once they are in a relationship and as the problems begin to emerge, she doesn't know how important that message still is to him and neglects to send it.
  • 爱情,应该也如此吧。惦记一个人,哪怕她不知道,也是幸福的!
    Love, should make no exceptions. Missing some one, perhaps she doesn't know it, is also happiness.
  • 更重要的是,她不知道为什么“系统”似乎想让她死亡。
    Still, she doesn't know why "the system" seems to want her dead.
  • 她承认自己不知道,并给了他5美元。
    She admits she doesn't know and gives him $5.
  • 但是女孩,从不知道妳自己在我心中的份量如何。
    But girl, she doesn't know about you.
  • Chong说,她不知道动物实验中由酒精导致的表观遗传修饰是否会传递给下一代,她希望能在未来的研究中有所发现。
    Chong says she doesn't know whether epigenetic modifications due to alcohol are passed onto the next generation of mice, but she hopes to find out in upcoming studies.
  • 她夺走我的心,但她不知道自己做了什么。
    She is take my heart, but she doesn't know what she had done.