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adj. 破碎的;极度疲劳的
v. 打碎;削弱;使心烦意乱(shatter的过去分词)
Web explanation
Shattered - 爱人别出声,粉碎,心烦意乱
Shattered Union - 破碎联盟,震撼出击,新南北战争
Shattered Image - 决裂情缘,裂影移魂,梦幻女煞
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震惊的; 极度疲劳的, 非常虚弱的; 心烦意乱的
打碎, 粉碎, 使散开; 粉碎, 落叶, 损坏
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Bilingual sentences

  • 但是另外四个——家庭、健康、朋友和精神是玻璃球,如果你把其中任何一个丢在地上,他们将不可避免的磨损、打上印痕、甚至支离破碎。
    But the other four balls – family, health, friends, and spirit are made of glass. If you drop one of these, they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged, or even shattered.
  • 即使是自己编织的梦,也会有一天用自己的双手去毁掉。
    Even the dream they wove will be shattered by their own hands one day.
  • 李博士像他曾在亚齐时那样,赞扬了人们在应付海啸和开始重建遭到破坏的生活和社区时表现出的活力。
    As he had in Aceh, Dr Lee praised the resilience with which people have responded to the tsunami and begun to rebuild shattered lives and communities.
  • 在上面三层楼上那破碎的窗口,一个男人持枪站着。
    In the shattered window three floors above, a man with a gun stood.
  • 然而站在人类的立场上,我们一直都面对着这些不如意的情况。
    But for us, from a human standpoint, we face these shattered dreams all the time.
  • 过了一阵这破碎的人恢复了知觉,他看见查拉图斯特拉跪在他身边。
    After a while consciousness returned to the shattered man, and he saw Zarathustra kneeling beside him.
  • 他在抢夺镜子时,把它打得粉碎。
    The mirror shattered when he robbed it.
  • 女孩颤抖不已,当她打开信封时,看见的却是她的姓名。
    The girl was shattered. When she open the letter, she saw her name in it instead.
  • 他日复一日周复一周地拷问蒙太奇的村民们,留在他身后的不仅仅是许多受到惊吓的支离破碎的生命,还有关于他的审讯的一大批文字记录本。
    He grilled the villagers of Montaillou for days and weeks on end, leaving behind him not just dozens of terrified and shattered lives, but also a trove of transcripts based on his interrogations.
  • 充斥着我的只有伤心,我的心就像是碎成了一块一块,死掉了。
    All I knew was sadness, my heart was like shattered into pieces and died.
  • 当你正忙于某事——一封不好写的邮件,报告中棘手的那一段,搜寻着某个很重要的人物——这样的时候,要是注意力能不被分散就再好不过了(而事实常与愿违)。
    Have you ever been right in the middle of something –a complicated email, a tricky paragraph of a report, a hunt for some vital figures –only for your concentration to be shattered?
  • 如果我的死后不朽的荣名的希望都破灭了,那就在生前使我不朽吧。
    If my claims to immortal fame after death are shattered, make me immortal while I live.
  • 某一瞬间,地壳会变成破碎的挡风玻璃,随后又合并成一块巨大的拼图,仿佛是一幅制作粗糙的世界地图。
    One moment the crust took the form of a shattered windshield, then it coalesced into a jigsaw puzzle, then a ragged map of the world.