shake the device

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shake the device - 动摇的设备,振动设备
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Bilingual sentences

  • 打开机器操作移动时避免震动和机械冲击。
    Avoid shake and physical shock when being operated and moved during turning on the device.
  • 他们本可以利用其它方式撵走海盗,比如使用强声装置。
    They should have used other means to shake off the pirates, like a loud acoustic device.
  • 使用化疗泵方法:在无菌操作下,将氟尿嘧啶1500 mg加入生理盐水至275 mL,摇匀,药液注入泵内,拧紧帽盖装置。
    The use of chemotherapy pump Methods: In aseptic operation, will join the saline fluorouracil 1500 mg to 275 mL, shake, liquid injection pump, the fastening device caps.
  • 液体分离系统包括一个内置织物摇摺装置,在织物堆积在储布槽之前就将当中过剩的染液引离至染液处,再作循环。
    Liquid separate system including one built-in fabric shake, roll over device, it lead superfluous dyeing liquid to the dyeing liquid before fabric piled up in the cloth trough and then circle.
  • 当 加速度较小时,本发明的锅具运动装置可实现晃锅动作;
    When the acceleration is small, the pot motion device of the present invention can shake the pot.