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Shake hands - 握手,握手言和,握握手
shake their hands - 和他们握手
shake-hands protocols - 握手协议
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Bilingual sentences

  • 你到了一家餐馆,所有人都站起来鼓掌,你免不了到处握手。
    You go into the restaurant and everyone stands up and applauds. You always have to shake hands.
  • 当见到面试官时记得跟他握手并微笑,利用眼神交流,同时回答问题要做到简明扼要。
    Remember to smile and shake hands when you meet the interviewer. Make eye contact and answer questions directly and concisely.
  • 当亚当斯出现在午宴上时,约翰.休姆怂恿我过去和他握手,我这样做了。
    When Adams showed up at the lunch, John Hume encouraged me to go over and shake hands with him, so I did.
  • 然后再和你的搭档打招呼握手,说“嗨!”
    Now greet your partner, shake hands, say "Hi" and fire!
  • 我甚至没有意识到,他正在等待与我握手。
    I even forgot that he was waiting to shake hands with me.
  • 不同的文化有不同的习俗,弄清什么时候握手、什么时候不握手是必要的。
    Different cultures have different conventions. It is necessary to know when to shake hands and when not to.
  • 我们可以握手,然而……
    We Could Shake hands, But...
  • 不论是男孩还是女孩,我们都应该教导他们在见到新朋友的时候要握手。
    Both boys and girls should be taught to shake hands when they are introduced to new grownups.
  • 你同人们打招呼,你们握手并请他们喝咖啡。
    You greet people, you shake hands and offer them coffee.
  • 没错,他对我们为他的企业所作的一切出色工作都无动于衷,所以我们决定大家握手说拜拜。
    He didn't appreciate any of the great work we did for his business so we decided to shake hands and part ways.
  • 问候客户或同事时,是吻面还是握手?
    Kiss or shake hands with a client or colleague?
  • 如果它是蓝色的,每个人都会同他们握手。
    If it's blue, everyone can shake hands with them.
  • 当他们来自同一动物时,这种蛋白质只是礼貌的握握手然后分道扬镳。
    When they’re from the same animal, they politely shake hands and go their separate ways.
  • 这对于星期五在威斯敏斯特教堂里举行华丽的结婚典礼的新婚夫妇,穿便服走到停机坪,在飞机起飞前停下来与职员握手。
    The couple, who married Friday at an opulent ceremony at Westminster Abbey, walked to the helipad wearing casual clothes and stopped to shake hands with staff members before heading off.