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Dictionary explanation
adj. 朦胧的;有阴影的;虚无的;暗黑的
Web explanation
shadowy - 有阴影的,模糊的,朦胧的
shadowy tarot - 塔罗牌
shadowy visional - 虚幻的
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多阴影的 / 幽暗的 / 模糊的 / 神秘莫测的
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多荫的; 荫凉的; 有阴影的; 幽暗的
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Bilingual sentences

  • 我走在高高的阴森森的楼群中间。
    I walked between the tall shadowy buildings.
  • 他们蹲在多阴的山坡上。
    They crouched together on a shadowy hillside.
  • 你们的善意使他那些模糊的记忆变得真实了。
    Your kindness made real memories of his shadowy ones.
  • 他一时忘记了果尔德施坦因的阴影。
    For the moment he had forgotten the shadowy figure of goldstein.
  • 她被阴暗的走廊中突然的动作吓了一跳。
    She was startled by a sudden movement in the shadowy hallway.
  • 我躲在一个阴暗的角落里观察他。
    I watched him from a shadowy corner.
  • 我回避所有虚幻模糊的东西,那些过分现实而有生气的人和情景。
    I avoided everything which was not shadowy, people and situations which were too real, too vital.
  • 约克的阴暗一面,可在他妻子那整个始终如一的阴霾之天性上找到一致和相似之处。
    Yorke's shadowy side found sympathy and affinity in the whole of his wife's uniformly overcast nature.
  • 我唯一的一张我祖父的照片是这张非常模糊不清的。
    The only photograph I have of my grandfather is this rather shadowy one.
  • 奈特骑手危险世界里掠过的影子,一个不存在的人。
    Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of man who does not exist.
  • 一个模糊的身影从黑暗中闪过。
    A shadowy figure went past in the darkness.
  • 我只依稀看见一个高个的模糊身影穿过了矮树丛。
    I could just make out a tall, pale, shadowy figure tramping through the undergrowth
  • 黑暗中,我站在阴影幢幢的树林里,这片树林围绕着一座破旧废弃的学校。
    I stood there in the dark shadowy forest that surrounded the old run down school.
  • 他们生活在一个阴暗、秘密的世界里,缺少与人交往的信心。
    They live in a shadowy, secret world, lacking the confidence to socialize.