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n. 硅栅晶体管
Web explanation
SGT - 中士,硅栅晶体管(Silicon Gate Transistor),警长
SGT Johnson - 约翰逊
Staff Sgt - 参谋军士,上士
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Bilingual sentences

  • 该局警司弗瑞斯特·文森特认为“这里面肯定有经济不景气的原因”,但他也承认该局的积极招募功不可没。
    "The economy had to play a part in this," Sgt. Forrest Vincent says, though he also credits the agency's aggressive recruiting.
  • 在惊人的近距离射程内,他们射杀了战斗连中最好、最强的拉里.罗格尔中士。
    At stunningly close range, they had shot and killed Sgt. Larry Rougle, one of Battle Company’s best, toughest and coolest.
  • 听到有人对自己的努力做了这样积极的肯定,疲惫到崩溃边缘的托德上士只做出了一个反应:他哭了。
    Upon hearing such a positive affirmation of his work, Colour Sgt Todd, tired to the point of breaking, had just one response: he cried.
  • 然而,一个阿肯色州人却有幸在托德上士心中留下了最深刻的印象。
    But an Arkansas man holds the honour of making the biggest impression on Colour Sgt Todd.
  • 为了使《帕勃军士》达到不可思议的效果,他们在每首歌上都花费了近乎20小时,常常通宵达旦的工作。
    To achieve the weird effects on Sgt. Pepper, they spent as much as 20 hours on a song, often working through the night.
  • 约一小时45分钟以后,美军的快速反应部队终于抵达了战场,这使得特战分队得以进入山谷为米勒上士收尸。
    Approximately an hour and 45 minutes later, a quick reaction force arrived, which allowed the ODA to lead a patrol back into the valley to recover Staff Sgt. Miller.
  • 这样,米勒上士又一次决定完全不顾自身安全,单枪匹马地为全队断后,以便让他的战友们安全后撤。
    Again, with complete disregard for his own personal safety, Staff Sgt. Miller remained alone at the front of the patrol, so his team could bound back.
  • 雨果.门多萨是亚利桑那州厄尔巴索的一名医护兵。
    Spec. Hugo Mendoza was a medic from El Paso and Arizona, Sgt.