see through

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see through - 看透,看穿,干完
see it through - 使某事顺利通过,英语,使某事顺遂经由过程
To see you through - 了解你之后
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Bilingual sentences

  • 我看穿了你那套把戏。
    I see through your little game.
  • 请借光,你挡着我就看不见了!
    Move out of the way, please: I can not see through you!
  • 一定要让前门装一个家里人人都能够得着的窥视孔。
    Make sure your front door has a peephole at a level that everyone in the family can see through.
  • 从一开始我就看穿了你的小计谋。
    I saw through your little ruse from the start.
  • 我不能预知我的将来,我不能看穿迷雾洞悉我的将来,我陷入了这种因境。
    I can not predict the course of my future; I can not see through the mist of my future; I have been caught in this dilemma.
  • 你认为我没有看清这一点吗?
    Do you think I don't see through that?
  • 你能看穿哪一个孔?
    Which hole can you see through?
  • 她脸红了,让我看穿了她的心思。
    Her red face made me see through her mind.
  • 她太了解汤姆了,看穿了他的把戏。
    She knew Tom well enough to see through his tricks.
  • 纵使我们真的揭穿了自我的谎言,我们还是会恐惧而不敢放弃它;
    Even if we see through the lies of the ego, we are just too scared to abandon it;
  • 告诉我你透过这个显微镜所看到的东西。
    Tell me what you see through the microscope.
  • 你不把望远镜调好是看不见东西的。
    You can't see through the telescope until it is adjusted to your eyes.
  • 上帝反映在你们的心,因那你们是知觉(有意识)的,但你们无法明白它。
    God is reflecting in your heart, of which you are aware, but you cannot see through it.
  • 愈来愈多的人开始识破他们的诡计了。
    More and more people are coming to see through their tricks.
  • 有时候,我们带着有色眼镜看人,对灵魂的美丽熟视无睹。
    Sometimes we see through colored glasses and do not see the beauty of the soul.
  • 他们认为,蜻蜓可以帮助您查看通过幻想的生活。
    They believe dragonfly can help you see through the illusions of life.
  • 他骗不了她。每次都给她识破了。
    He can't fool her; she should see through him every time.
  • 我们看穿了你的诡计。
    We see through your tricks.