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adv. 安全地;牢固地;安心地;有把握地
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securely - 安心地,安全地,坚固地
Securely anchors - 特点
Wrap Securely - 包好的
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牢固地 / 安全地
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安心地; 安全地
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Bilingual sentences

  • 那么,我们怎样隐藏IP,安全、匿名地在网上冲浪呢?
    So how do we hide IP and securely surf the web anonymously?
  • 它可以被用于安全地在远程机与本地机之间传输文件。
    It can be used transfer files securely between a remote and a local machine.
  • 隧道技术可以用于几乎任何类型服务的安全通信。
    Tunneling can be utilized to securely communicate for almost any kind of service.
  • 举个例子,其中的一些法律要求安全地存储姓氏,名称,以及其它看上去无害的信息。
    For example, some of these laws require first names, last names, and other seemingly harmless information to be stored securely.
  • 身份验证服务的总体目标是,与客户端希望向其进行身份验证的服务器安全地交换客户端身份和会话密钥。
    The whole purpose of the authentication service is to securely exchange the client identity and session key to the server to which the client wants to authenticate.
  • 然后,使用 TLS 协议在 LDAP 客户机和服务器之间对通信进行安全加密。
    Then, you used the TLS protocol to securely encrypt communications between the LDAP client and server.
  • 这之所以成为可能是因为身份结构起到身份集成中介的作用,在网络中被安全地共享。
    This is possible because the identity fabric serves as an identity integration broker, securely shared across the network.
  • 这工具接着就会自动引你安全进入所选的站点。
    The tool then automatically logs you on securely to the selected site.
  • 要从集中构建服务器远程部署软件,需要使用一些机制安全地进行远程复制和运行命令。
    To deploy software from a centralized build server remotely, you need to use mechanisms for securely copying and running commands remotely.
  • 不但如此,还要尽力去设计您的命令行语法,以使它更容易安全地使用。
    Also, try to design your command-line syntax so that it's easier to use securely.
  • 然后可以使用这个密钥对通过加密来利用数字身份安全地交换文本。
    This digital identity can then be used to exchange text securely by encryption using the key pair.
  • 在服务请求者和每个所需的业务服务之间安全通信的能力。
    The ability to securely communicate between the service requestor and each required business service.
  • 但如果想要或必须使用一个 SSH 客户机连接到实例,则必须获得这个客户机并准备好 SSH 私有密钥以便安全地连接到您的实例。
    But if you want to or have to connect to your instance using an SSH client, you'll have to acquire the client and prepare the SSH private key to securely connect to your instance.
  • 首先,虽然这样做较容易读取 INI 文件,但却几乎不可能安全地写 INI 文件。
    First, it's easy to read INI files, but it's almost impossible to write INI files securely.
  • 如果专用主机位于企业中,则可以将其安全连接到网格中的其他监视服务。
    If the dedicated host is within an enterprise, it can be connected securely to other monitoring services in the grid.
  • 下一章中将描述如何安全使用它们。
    The sections below describe how to deal with them securely.
  • 而且,它会加密它的数据存储,所以实际上可以安全地将信息保存在客户机,而不会被未经授权的用户看到。
    And it encrypts its data store, so I can actually keep information on my client that is securely held, and can't be viewed by unauthorized users.