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Dictionary explanation
n. 场面;情景;景象;事件
Web explanation
Scene - 场景,景色,现场
Scene Explorer - 增强的场景浏览器,场景浏览器,加强的场景阅读器
OFF SCENE - 画外音,旁白
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一场; 场面; 一个镜头; 事件
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Bilingual sentences

  • 你完全能想象出那个画面,对吗?
    You can just picture the scene, can't you?
  • 你需要换换环境。为什么不乘船去旅行呢?
    What you need is a change of scene. Why not go on a cruise?
  • 这情景使我和每一位旁观者都很惊诧。
    The scene was astonishing to me, to every one standing by.
  • 防暴车几分钟就赶到了现场。
    Riot vans were on the scene in minutes.
  • 那是怪诞的一幕。
    It was a bizarre scene.
  • 可以有机会了解幕后的工作,令人非常兴奋。
    It's an exciting opportunity to learn what goes on behind the scenes.
  • 那些烜赫一时的人物也一个个销声匿迹了。
    The once powerful figures have also disappeared from the scene one after another.
  • 但是,凯恩先生将背地里偷偷行动以争取达成交易。
    But behind the scenes Mr Cain will be working quietly to try to get a deal done.
  • 哈里斯突然出现,又突然消失了。
    Harris disappeared from the scene as suddenly as he had appeared.
  • 你又和他吵架了?
    Did you make a scene with him again?
  • 对不起,我失态了。
    I'm sorry I made such a scene.
  • 那景色顷刻之间便消失了。
    The scene vanished in an instant.
  • 玛丽只演了一幕戏,但她抢尽了其他演员的镜头。
    Mary was only in one scene of the play, but she stole the show from the stars.
  • 那是一副满目疮痍的景象。
    It's a scene of complete devastation
  • 我不喜欢整个星期都躺在沙滩上。
    Lying on the beach all week isn't my scene.
  • 在这一场景中浓浓的黑烟滚滚升起。
    Thick black smoke billowed over the scene
  • 不过首先介绍一下背景:我当时正在和前男友喝饮料。
    But first to set the scene: I was having a drink with my ex-boyfriend.
  • 如果别的孩子也加入其中,他可能会表现得相当嫉妒。
    He could react rather jealously when and if another child comes on the scene
  • 吉莱斯皮的进球为下半场的精彩比赛铺平了道路。
    Gillespie's goal set the scene for an exciting second half.
  • 他和卡西迪中尉正在勘查犯罪现场。
    He and Lieutenant Cassidy were checking the scene of the crime
  • 桑德曼是当地音乐界的偶像人物。
    Sandman is a cult figure on the local music scene.
  • 电视台受到警告,要求对暴力场面的描绘采取谨慎态度。
    Television broadcasters were warned to exercise caution over depicting scenes of violence
  • 我觉得珀西向奥利芙求婚的一幕太让人心酸了。
    I found the scene in which Percy proposed to Olive tremendously poignant.
  • 要是她把相机的镜头一直对准河岸的话,可能就捕捉到重要的一幕了。
    Had she kept the camera focused on the river bank she might have captured a vital scene.
  • 警方赶到了凶杀现场。
    The police arrived at the scene of the homicide.