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Dictionary explanation
adj. 取样的,抽样的
v. 抽取…的试样(sample的过去分词)
Web explanation
sampled - 取样的,采样,取样
sampled data - 采样数据,取样数据,抽样数据
sampled values - 采样值,采样测量值
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取样, 抽取...的样品, 采样
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Bilingual sentences

  • 我采样了现场的每个地方。
    I sampled every square inch of that scene.
  • 我们品尝了一系列不同品牌的瓶装水。
    We sampled a selection of different bottled waters.
  • 我尝了所有的蛋糕,我最喜欢简的。
    I have sampled all the cakes and I like jane's best.
  • 只要人们在适当处标明出处,我其实并不在乎自己的音乐被人节录。
    I don't actually mind being sampled as long as people give credit where it's due.
  • 我们抽验了这批材料,认为非常满意。
    We sampled the stuff and found it very satisfactory.
  • 你一旦体验到乡村生活的乐趣,你就不想住在城里了。
    Once you've sampled the pleasures of country life, you will not want to live in the city.
  • 俄军士兵尝了一下长官的配给食物,然后高高兴兴地把那些高级食物一扫而光。
    The Russian soldiers sampled the officers 'rations and wolfed the superior food with delight.
  • 我们通常最多取12针以保证前列腺被彻底的取样了。
    Up to12 needles are normally used to ensure the prostate is thoroughly sampled.
  • 你试过这里的夜生活了吗?
    Kevin, have you sampled the night life here?