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Run through - 贯穿,跑着穿过,刺穿
run-through - 贯通,浏览,从头到尾读一遍
run-through cultivation - 贯通培养
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迅速传遍 / 在⋯里闪过
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耗尽; 浏览
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Bilingual sentences

  • 在我决定穿越车流奔跑到你面前的时候,你消失了。
    I decided to run through traffic in front of you when you disappeared.
  • 我把所有的选择都跟他过了一遍。
    I ran through the options with him.
  • 恐怕你能找的人都找遍了。
    You've run through us all.
  • 我们来看一下赞成和反对的理由。
    Let's just run through the arguments for and against.
  • 我将跑过更多的旷野野和凝视更多的星星。
    I'd run through more fields and gaze at more stars.
  • 现在我想进入循环了。
    And now I want to run through the loop.
  • 我不想延长这个会议,所以我们能不能迅速地将要点过一遍?
    I don't want to drag out this meeting, so could we run through the main points quickly?
  • 我在练习移交手续时,道格站在那里一动也不动。
    Doug stood still while I ran through the handover procedure.
  • 我匆匆看了一遍目录,但没有哪种机器让我感兴趣。
    I run through the list, but none of the machines interested me.
  • 所有引用、代码项、宿主项和资源都通过编译器运行。
    All references, code items, host items, and resources are run through the compiler.
  • 当你找一些暴民在你刚刚贯穿和佯死。
    When you get some mobs on you, just run through and feign death.
  • 你的日子是不是像飞一样的跑过你的眼前?
    Do you run through each day on the fly?
  • 我得在一小时内把这本书看完。
    I had to run through the book in an hour.
  • 如果你想要我再试一次也可以。
    I can run through them again if you want.
  • 他们将跑步穿过那个森林。
    They will run through that forest.
  • 现在你们自己能分析这些可能性了?
    Well, you& By this point, you can run through all the possibilities yourself, right?