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robe - 长袍,长衣,上衣
Robe River - 罗布河,罗布河铁矿,罗伯河公司
Black Robe - 黑袍,黑色长袍
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Bilingual sentences

  • 在两个小时的活动结束时,教皇本笃为欢呼的人群祝福,走过伸手和他握手或者触摸他的长袍的大批信众。
    At the conclusion of the two-hour service he blessed the cheering crowd and strolled through a multitude of the faithful who reached out to shake his hand or touch his robe.
  • “我真的无法相信天气能够变得这麽冷。” 现年28岁的阿卜杜拉表示,他此时已经在其乾净整洁的长袍外面又套上了一件厚厚的大衣。
    "I can't believe how cold it has been," said Abdullah, 28, donning a thick coat over his spotless robe.
  • 摄影师们拍照时,喜欢让她穿紧身短裤、丝制长袍,或者身着一套诱人的泳装,手持一本厚书——弗朗西斯哥·戈雅的历史或者詹姆斯·乔伊斯的‘尤利西斯’或者海因里希·海涅的诗集。
    Photographers loved to get her to pose in tight shorts, a silk robe or a swimsuit with a come-hither look and a weighty book — a history of Goya or James Joyce’s “Ulysses” or Heinrich Heine’s poems.
  • 一名身穿亮绿色长袍的法官告诉我们,我们每人被罚款300第纳尔——约合250美元——并将被释放。
    A judge in a shiny green robe told us that we would each be fined 300 dinars—about $250—and released.
  • 这件长袍是专门为国王做的。
    This robe was made specially for the king.
  • 当时在一个下午的表演中,她改变故事情节,脱掉了她的丝质睡袍,并将他吸引至床上。
    Then in one afternoon performance, she changes the plot, stripping off her silk robe and pulling him on to the bed.
  • 她穿上睡袍,踮起脚走到厨房,把咖啡豆和水倒进咖啡机,在面包机上放了两片面包,拉开了窗帘。
    She slips on her robe, tiptoes into the kitchen, pours coffee grounds and water into the coffee maker, places two slices of bread in the toaster, and opens the window curtains.
  • 梅格出来,脸上挂着灰色马鬃,身穿黑红二色长袍,手持拐杖,大衣上画着神秘符号。
    Out came Meg, with gray horsehair hanging about her face, a red and black robe, a staff, and cabalistic signs upon her cloak.
  • 穿着僧袍我觉得舒服,它时刻提醒我们是僧人,这是一件愉快的事。
    I feel comfortable wearing this kind of robe. And it happily reminds us that we are monks.