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Dictionary explanation
n. 居民;住院医生
adj. 居住的;定居的
Web explanation
Resident - 居民,驻地,住院医生
Resident Evil - 生化危机,生化危机系列,生化危机 (游戏)
resident correspondent - 常驻记者,常驻,常驻采访者
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居民, 定居者; 住院医生; 侨民
居住的, 定居的; 住校的; 常驻的; 住院的
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居民 / 住客
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Bilingual sentences

  • 在格雷陶器场开始自己的职业生涯后,她在那里做了7年的特聘设计师。
    Having begun her career at Gray's Pottery, she stayed there as resident designer for seven years.
  • 该城市的人口为100多万。
    The resident population of the city is more than one million.
  • 到达后的第二天早上,你就去见住院医生,进行私人问诊。
    The morning after your arrival, you meet with the resident physician for a private consultation.
  • 我是一个外科医生。
    I was a surgical resident.
  • 你是这个国家的公民还是居民?
    Are you a citizen? Or a resident? Of this country?
  • 超过10%的慕尼黑居民生活在贫困线以下。
    More than 10 percent of Munich residents live below the poverty line.
  • 他详尽地讲述了关于那些乡镇、城市和居民的故事。
    He told the story about those country, city and resident in detail.
  • 她是我们中间的填纵横字谜的游戏迷。
    She is our resident crossword fanatic.
  • 这只鸽子一年到头居住在这里和我们为伴。
    This dove was resident with us all the year round.
  • 如果房东常住家里,学生的权利可能就少了。
    If the landlord is resident, the student may have less rights.
  • 类似的安排适用于长期居住在苏格兰的学生。
    Similar arrangements apply to students who are ordinarily resident in Scotland.
  • 她成了加利福尼亚常住居民。
    She became a permanent resident of california.