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Dictionary explanation
n. 需要;要求;需求(require的复数)
vt. 需要(require的第三人称单数形式)
Web explanation
requires - 需要,要求,所需的功能
Position requires - 职位要求
requires Defense - 需要防御,要求国防,规定辩护律师
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需要, 要求, 命令
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Bilingual sentences

  • 因此,他要求你在半途去见他。
    Therefore, He requires you to meet Him half way.
  • 使用这种新的服务只需要知道它的接口和名称。
    Using this new service only requires knowing its interface and name.
  • 它需要投资。
    It requires investment.
  • 问她是否需要你给她个答复。
    Ask her if she requires an answer.
  • 每个额外节点都需要额外的内存来保存集群中每个节点的备份,所以很快就会用光内存。
    Each extra session requires extra memory for its backups on every node in the cluster, so you quickly run out of memory.
  • 这需要有能力去解释和说服,不仅用逻辑,同样也要运用情感。
    This requires the ability to explain and persuade not only with logic but with emotion as well.
  • 他解释称他在“皈依”过程中所需要不仅是寻求别人对他的宽恕,还要宽恕那些背叛他的人。
    He explains that his conversion requires that he not only seek forgiveness, but also provide forgiveness for those who betrayed him.
  • 音像市场需要控制。
    The tape market requires control.
  • 这要求我们不仅要有信念,还要有行动──为造福他人,为使我们这个世界变得更加美好,贡献出自己的力量。
    It requires us not only to believe, but to do – to give something of ourselves for the benefit of others and the betterment of our world.
  • 你在这套设备上所做的每件事都需要连接因特网。
    Almost everything you can do on the device requires an Internet connection.
  • 这是因为它要求小组内的每个成员的想法都不同。
    This is because it requires each member of the team to think differently.
  • 这也要求我们做出更多的调整。
    Much requires us to adjust as well.
  • 这要求同时在业务层和 IT 层进行准备和规划。
    This requires preparation and planning at both the business and IT levels.
  • 如果这种情形让您担心他们有可能不会共享,那么就使用一种许可来要求他们共享。
    If this news makes you concerned that they might not be sharing, use a license that requires them to share.
  • 这需要知识和投资。
    This requires knowledge and investment.
  • 为了达到这个目的,你首先要做的事情就是确定你的公司最需要什么样的人,以及哪些品质最重要。
    In order to do this, the first thing you have to do is determine what it is that your business requires and what is really important.
  • 最佳政体的公民,据他所说,如果有义务上的需要,必需要能承担战争,但目的必需仅限于为了和平与安逸。
    The citizen of the best regime he says must be able to sustain war if duty requires but only for the sake of peace and leisure.
  • 这将振作你的大脑因为它需要你思考更多。
    This perks up your brain because it requires you to think more.
  • 不要低估这种方式需要投入的成本。
    One should not underestimate the investment this model requires.
  • 凡是公民均应按法律的要求办事。
    All citizens must do as the law requires.