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Bilingual sentences

  • 乐团区的座位几乎是平的,暗示着以前并没有固定的座椅在那里。
    The orchestra seating area is nearly flat, reminiscent of the time when there were no permanent chairs there.
  • 不管是去看电影、一顿丰盛晚餐、在后院里约会还是那些不会让彼此烦恼的事情,只要是那些能让你们回忆起曾经恋爱时的美好的时光就好。
    Whether it's to a movie, a nice dinner, a backyard date, or something you both have never tried, find something that will be reminiscent of what you did together when you were dating.
  • 再次地,这是关于沙堆的提醒。
    This, again, is reminiscent of a sand pile.
  • 城堡的历史可追溯到1500年代,极富乡村魅力,令人回忆起西南各郡的庄园。
    The castle dates from the 1500s and has a rustic charm, reminiscent of a grand West Country manor.
  • 心脏星云,正式名称为IC 1805,在上图右边可见,在可见光波段有着让人联想到经典的心脏符号的形状。
    The Heart Nebula, officially dubbed IC 1805 and visible in the above right, has a shape in optical light reminiscent of a classical heart symbol.
  • 第三张图显示的羽毛有这样一个特征,它卷曲的样子使我们想起了现代潜水鸟的羽毛。
    The third picture shows feathers that have just such a specialisation: coiling reminiscent of that seen in the feathers of modern divers.