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Dictionary explanation
n. 注意;言辞
vt. 评论;觉察
vi. 谈论
Web explanation
remark - 备注,评论,此言
remark on - 评论,谈论,议论
eloquent remark - 雄辩的演讲
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言论 / 注意
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评论, 谈及, 注意; 谈论, 议论; 评论
备注, 注意, 评论
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Bilingual sentences

  • 你没有听出她那话里隐含的另一层意思?
    Did you gather the implications of her remark?
  • 由于不确定这句话究竟是什么意思,赖尔选择了保持沉默。
    Unsure of the meaning of this remark, Ryle chose to remain silent
  • 通常都是他提问题,还不时地冒出一两句俏皮话。
    Normally he asked questions, and had a humorous remark or two.
  • 你的话不切题。
    Your remark is not pertinent to the subject.
  • 我从他的话中得到很大的启发。
    I found great illumination in his remark.
  • 这句话含义深刻。
    This remark has profound implications.
  • 那不过是一句欠考虑的话。
    It was just a thoughtless remark.
  • 她攻击他激烈的反英言论。
    She flew at him for making a very anti-British remark.
  • 在最庄严的时刻他脸上会闪现嘲弄的微笑或说一句讽刺挖苦的话。
    At the most solemn moments he will flash a mocking smile or make an ironic remark
  • 杰夫·库克近来关于没有什么人是不可缺少的那番话当然也包括他。
    Geoff Cooke's recent remark that no one is indispensable will certainly not have escaped him.
  • 这番话既轻率又无情。
    It was a flippant and unfeeling remark.
  • 挖苦的话到了她嘴边却没说出来。
    A sarcastic remark was on the tip of her tongue.
  • “某些人钱多但无头脑,”温斯顿曾经评论道。
    'Some people have more money than sense,' Winston had remarked
  • 我说过我那天下午要去购物。
    I remarked that I would go shopping that afternoon
  • 我并无冒犯之意。那只是随口说出的一句轻率话。
    I didn't mean any offence. It was a flippant, off-the-cuff remark
  • 其中一名学徒对着一名路过的警官说了一句侮辱他的话。
    One of the apprentices made an insulting remark to a passing officer.
  • 他的意见没有引起注意。
    His remark has not been taken notice [ note] of.
  • 那话不是冲你说的。
    That remark wasn't directed at you.
  • 你随便说的一句话,可能就被曲解了。
    What you mean as a casual remark could be misinterpreted
  • 由于说话失礼,他通情达理地向我道了歉。
    He had the grace to apologize to me for the insulting remark.
  • 对她评头论足是不礼貌的。
    It would be rude to remark upon her appearance.
  • 他的话提醒了她,她问莫拉去哪里了。
    His remark prodded her to ask where Mora had gone.
  • 我认为对如此严肃的问题来说,该评论不合时宜。
    I feel the remark was inappropriate for such a serious issue
  • 每个人都说她是个可爱的女士。
    Everyone has remarked on what a lovely lady she is.
  • 他这一句话引得大家笑起来。
    His remark set everybody laughing.
  • 我觉得那是我平生听过的最粗俗不堪的话了。
    I think that is the most vulgar and tasteless remark I ever heard in my life.
  • 她好几次提及这个男孩的进步。
    On several occasions she had remarked on the boy's improvement
  • 这句傻话让主任一时说不出话来。
    The Chief was left speechless by this fatuous remark.