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remained - 保持,留下,继续存在
remained gas - 滞留气,残余气,剩余气
fuel remained - 燃料储备量剩余燃料
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剩下, 余留; 留下; 继续存在; 逗留
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Bilingual sentences

  • 他们始终对总统忠心耿耿。
    They had remained loyal to the president
  • 烤面包机持续开了一个多小时。
    The toaster remained on for more than an hour
  • 这笔账悬了好久了。
    This account has remained unsettled for a long time.
  • 他后来在地上跪了很久,为自己缺乏胆量而感到羞耻。
    He remained on his knees for a long time afterwards, ashamed by his failure of nerve.
  • 实际上,自古以来它几乎没有任何改变。
    It has remained virtually unchanged since time immemorial
  • 她对他仍十分怀念。
    She remained devoted to his memory
  • 食物、燃料和其他日用必需品仍然很难得到。
    It remained very difficult to procure food, fuel and other daily necessities.
  • 迈克尔指给我看说,瓦砾中有一栋建筑完好无损。
    Michael pointed out to me that amongst the rubble, there was one building that remained untouched
  • 他仍然忠于他的初恋。
    He remained true to his first love.
  • 船在锚地停了一个月。
    The ship remained in anchorage for a month.
  • 他沉默了好一阵子。
    He remained silent for some time
  • 由于对那家公司的工作质量有争议,账单还未付清。
    The bills remained unpaid because of a dispute over the quality of the company's work.
  • 但是经过近一周的审议,陪审团仍然僵持不下。
    But after nearly a week of deliberations, the jury remained deadlocked.
  • 他一直谦虚谨慎,成名之后仍然如此。
    He had always been modest and prudent and remained so after he had become famous.
  • 他的听力尚佳,因此他与外界的联系没有中断。
    His hearing remained good, so that his contact with the world was uninterrupted.
  • 我开始认识到,如果我呆在原地不动,必定冻死无疑。
    I began to realize the certainty of freezing to death if I remained where I was.
  • 虽然两年前就已遭软禁,她在去年的选举中仍然是势力强大的代表人物。
    She was put under house arrest two years ago but remained a powerful symbol in last year's election.
  • 他依然是一个令人敬畏的对手。
    He remained a formidable opponent
  • 问题是其他事情都变了,而这些条条框框还在。
    The trouble is that these restrictions have remained while other things have changed
  • 只剩下了建筑物的框架。
    Only skeletons of buildings remained.
  • 她坚持说自己对丈夫一直是忠诚的。
    She insisted that she had remained faithful to her husband
  • 虽经长期寻找,但该遗址直到最近才被发现。
    This site remained undiscovered, though long sought, until recent times.
  • 昨天在纽约进行的谈判依然陷于停滞状态。
    Negotiations remained stalled yesterday in New York.