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v. 依赖;信任;指望(rely的ing形式)
Web explanation
Relying - 靠着,依托,信任
relying on - 赖以保护,信赖,依靠
relying psychology - 依赖心理
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依靠, 依赖; 信赖, 相信; 依仗; 指望
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Bilingual sentences

  • 实际上,苹果公司的文档推荐不要依赖于它的存在,所以在将来,它有可能完全消失。
    Indeed, their documentation recommends against relying on its presence, so it may vanish altogether in a future version.
  • 制片厂也越来越依赖轰动的电影,使影院体验以及从玩具和连环漫画书中赚取的利润最大化。
    Studios are also relying more on blockbuster movies that maximize the theater experience—and the revenues they earn from toys and comic books.
  • 图 2 展示了一个依赖保险公司名称来审批一个保险政策的保险公司。
    Figure 2 shows an insurance company relying on the insurance company name to approve an insurance policy.
  • 因此,这种从志愿者转而依赖于地方有偿工人的机遇,创造了就业机会,增加了本地知识,为项目进一步发展来说是一个很美好的过程。
    So, the opportunity to move away from volunteers to relying on paid workers in country, creating jobs and adding local knowledge to the further evolution of this project has been a wonderful process.
  • 它更接近与依赖函数调用的函数式语言,而非面向对象语言
    It is more of a functional languages relying on function calls rather than OOP.
  • 问:你觉得我们的孩子太依赖于这些想让他们成为什么样的人,是很不乐观的吗?
    Q: Do you think our kids are in danger of relying too much on others to define the person they become?
  • 你觉得我们的孩子太依赖于这些想让他们成为什么样的人,是很不乐观的吗?
    Do you think our kids are in danger of relying too much on others to define the person they become?
  • 对于系统的长远状况是有力的,它能避免依赖于某一个单独的组成部分。
    This is good for the long-term health of a system, because it avoids relying on any single component.
  • 也许您已经落入了严重依赖于您的测试自动化基础架构的陷阱了。
    Perhaps you have fallen into the trap of relying too heavily on your test automation infrastructure.
  • 它没有依赖配置文件把请求映射到某一个动作,而是根据请求的 URL 发现适当的动作。
    Instead of relying upon a configuration file to map requests to actions, it discovers the appropriate action based on the URL requested.
  • 这是由以下原因造成的:大部分此种应用程序依赖于相同的数据源, 且为了性能或其他原因,一部分数据被本地存储。
    This is caused by most of such applications relying on the same data sources and storing portions of that data locally for performance or other reasons.
  • (“瘦” 的含义是这些设备本身只有有限的处理能力(或根本没有处理能力),它们依赖于服务器上的处理能力)。
    The reference to "thin" meant these devices had little or no processing power of their own, relying instead on the processing power of the server.
  • 如果更多应用程序开始依赖类似这样的特性,我也不会吃惊。
    I wouldn't be surprised if more applications started relying on a feature like that.
  • 这个规则要求基金购买高等级的证券,并且是根据自己的勤奋工作来稽查证券的质量,而不仅仅依赖于信用等级。
    The rules require funds to buy high-quality securities - and to ascertain that quality through their own due diligence, rather than relying only on credit ratings.