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rely on - 依靠,依赖,信赖
custom rely-on - 人的习惯依赖
rely heavily on - 很大程度上依赖于
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依赖, 依靠; 信任
依赖, 依靠; 信任
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Bilingual sentences

  • 我们不能仅凭着热情而用感情去代替政策。
    We mustn't rely on sheer enthusiasm and substitute our personal feelings for policy.
  • 我们将依靠科技进步,发挥市场机制和经济杠杆的作用。
    We will rely on scientific and technological advancement, encourage the role of market mechanism and economic leverage.
  • 我们仰仗你啦!
    We rely on you.
  • 费尔南德斯先生说,今后他不会再依赖别人处理这种事。
    In the future, Mr. Fernandes says, he won't rely on others to handle this.
  • 总之,在他所冒的不可避免的危险中,他除了自己那训练有素的机警和不懈的谨慎以外是一无所恃的。
    In a word, the trained sagacity and untiring caution of himself were all he had to rely on, amid the critical risks he unavoidably ran.
  • 她这人靠不住,例如昨天一个重要会议,她竟迟到了一个小时。
    You cannot rely on her, for instance, she arrived an hour late for an important meeting yesterday.
  • 我们不得不依靠指南针和不错的运气找到这儿来。
    We had to rely on a compass and a lot of luck to get here.
  • 我们都长大了,总不能仰给父母一辈吧。
    We are grown-up now, we can't rely on our parents for support.
  • 依靠这样的证据是草率的。
    It would be rash to rely on such evidence
  • 靠勇敢也靠智谋
    Rely on both courage and resourcefulness
  • 这事我一人干不了,全仗大家帮忙。
    I can't do it all on my own and I must rely on everyone for help.
  • 依靠党,依靠群众,工作就无往不利。
    Rely on the party and the masses, and you will succeed wherever you go.
  • 多数饲养家禽的农场主不得不依赖商业化生产的饲料。
    Most poultry farmers have to rely on commercially manufactured feeds.
  • 该调查将凭借现有权力要求将各种相关文件呈堂。
    The investigation will rely on existing powers to subpoena documents.
  • 我不知道是否能信任他,不过我愿冒一下险。
    I don't know if I can rely on him, but I'm willing to take a gamble.
  • 我们仰赖您的资助。
    We rely on your financial support.
  • 即使条件再好,也还要靠自己努力。
    No matter how favourable the conditions are, we'll still rely on our own efforts.
  • 你相信我好了,我会及时完成工作的。
    You can rely on it that I can finish the work on time.
  • 与其求人,何如求己。
    It would be better to rely on ourselves than on others.
  • 放贷人指望现有借贷人的盲目忠诚来谋求利益。
    Lenders rely on the misplaced loyalty of existing borrowers to make their profit
  • 顾客一旦依赖上这些系统,几乎就不会光顾其他商家。
    Once customers come to rely on these systems they almost never take their business elsewhere
  • 你别总是仰承他的意见,要有自己的主见。
    Don't rely on his ideas, be your own master.
  • 我们不靠老天保佑。
    We don't rely on blessings from Heaven.
  • 我相信你会把它解决好的。
    I know I can rely on you to sort it out
  • 他认为许多“通灵者”都是骗子,他们都是靠直觉和巧妙的骗术蒙人。
    He believes many 'psychics' are frauds who rely on perception and subtle deception.