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adj. 再造的
v. 重新设立;重新组成(reconstitute的过去分词形式)
Web explanation
reconstituted - 再造的,复原
reconstituted milk - 复原乳,还原奶,复制牛奶
reconstituted cell - 重组细胞
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Bilingual sentences

  • 使用这些序列化机制时,被重建的对象将失去原对象的相关标识,所有必须特别注意单例对象是否依然是单例的。
    With all those mechanisms, a reconstituted object loses its referential identity, and you have to consider carefully whether your singleton is still a singleton.
  • 但直到那时,还在研究重组蚕丝,并利用它来制造新颖的薄膜和其他材料。
    Until then, however, he is working with reconstituted silkworm silk, making novel films and other materials.
  • 投资,但是,从来不是公平的,内部,涂料企业立即重组华尔街以外的专家网络幌子本身。
    Investing, however, is never fair, and the inside-dope business immediately reconstituted itself outside Wall Street in the guise of expert networks.
  • 让我们来看看一个分割的重构的公司,公司看上去就是坐在回程的火箭上。
    Meet a sliced, diced, beaten and reconstituted company that seems to be on a rocket ride back.
  • 用层粘连蛋白粘附测定法、纤粘蛋白趋化迁移测定法和重建基底膜侵袭测定法测定肺癌细胞的粘附、运动和侵袭能力。
    The adhesion ability, the migrated ability and invasive ability were determined with the laminin adhesion test, the chemotactic migration test and the invasion test of reconstituted basement membrane.
  • 然而,那些在行业内的人会告诉你,无论是做来作重组或巴氏杀菌的橙汁,味包并不类似在大自然发现的东西。
    Yet those in the industry will tell you that the flavor packs, whether made for reconstituted or pasteurized orange juice, resemble nothing found in nature.
  • 我们会征询关于这点的法律意见。我们会在今晚8点重新组成董事会,在那之后很快会召开一个董事会会议。
    We will take legal advice on that. We will get the board reconstituted by 8pm this evening and we will plan to have a board meeting soon after that.
  • 白色和再造石中性色调为商场打造自然背景,使租户商品展示达到最佳效果。
    A neutral colour palette of white and reconstituted stone creates a natural background for the mall, showcasing its tenants and their merchandise to maximum effect.
  • 这些人工气管由人体内最大的主动脉再造形成。
    The bronchus was made from reconstituted aorta, the body's largest artery.
  • 以5%葡萄糖注射液配制的3%克林霉素磷酸酯溶液对红细胞的溶血作用,结果未见出现溶血或凝集现象。
    Clindamycin Phosphate Injection was reconstituted in 5% Glucose Injection to a concentration of 3% for the test. No haemolysis or agglutination reaction was observed.
  • 煤、褐煤或泥煤蒸馏所得之焦油及其它矿物焦油,不论是否脱水或半蒸馏,包括再组成焦油。
    Tar distilled from coal, from lignite or from peat, and other mineral tars, whether or not dehydrated or partially distilled, including reconstituted tars.
  • 地球的扩展将需要花费许多个世纪,将足够渐进而允许人类及其他物种一起前进,这就如地球身体被重建一样是所需要的。
    The expansion of Earth will take many centuries and will be gradual enough to allow for humanity along with other species to move as needed as the Earth body is reconstituted.
  • 重组蛋制品应立即使用或冷藏,在当天食用完。
    Reconstituted egg products should be used immediately or refrigerated and used that day.
  • 正是当你重建身体的细胞结构之时,能量可以被恢复并重建。
    Energy can be resurrected and reconstituted just as one resurrects the cellular structure of the form.
  • 另外,酶制剂在烟草添加剂、烟草香料、烟草薄片中的应用,酶制剂和微生物配合使用的研究也在增加。
    Moreover, the research of enzyme on the tobacco additives, tobacco flavor, reconstituted tobacco, enzyme and microorganism's coordinate using is also increasing.