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Dictionary explanation
vt. 认出,识别;承认
vi. 确认,承认;具结
Web explanation
Recognize - 认出,承认,认清
to recognize - 辨认,能认出,认得
Recognize game - 认识的游戏
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认出 / 辨别 / 承认 / 赞赏
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认出, 识别; 正式承认; 认识; 认可, 认定
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Bilingual sentences

  • 我承认自己的缺点。
    I recognize my own shortcomings
  • 照片被扫描成某种电脑可以识别的数字资料。
    Pictures are scanned into a form of digital information that computers can recognize.
  • 我认得那家商店。
    I recognize the shop.
  • 当被问及“智力是什么”的时候,人们往往会回答说:“我不知道该如何定义它,但我见到了肯定就能认得出。”
    When people are asked 'What is intelligence?' they tend to reply: 'I don't know how to define it, but I can certainly recognize it when I see it.'
  • 为什么成年人总是那么一本正经,对好点子反应那么迟缓呢?
    Why were grown-ups always so stuffy and slow to recognize good ideas?
  • 我一眼就认出那人是卢克的父亲,他坐在那里,膝盖上放着一份报纸。
    A man I easily recognized as Luke's father sat with a newspaper on his lap.
  • 我真是瞎了眼,没看出他是个骗子。
    I was so blind that I did not recognize he was a swindler.
  • 接待员一眼就认出他了。
    The receptionist recognized him at once
  • 故乡变化太大了,我几乎认不出来了。
    My hometown had changed so much that I could hardly recognize it.
  • 如果你常常因为沮丧而暴饮暴食,首先应该设法找到悲伤的原因。
    If you tend to overeat because of depression, first take steps to recognize the source of your sadness.
  • 他在暗处向前走,希望没有人能认出他来。
    He walked along in the shadows hoping no one would recognize him.
  • 发达国家必须认识到世界范围内的贫富差距正在不断扩大。
    The developed nations have to recognize the growing gap between rich and poor around the world
  • 大多数医生似乎都接受顺势疗法是一种合理的医疗手段。
    Most doctors appear to recognize homeopathy as a legitimate form of medicine
  • 她变得使我简直认不出来了。
    She had changed so much that I could hardly recognize her.; She had changed beyond my recognition.
  • 我们需要认识到,我们对自己生活的这片土地的某些使用方式是完全错误的。
    We need to recognize that certain uses of the land upon which we live are simply wrong.
  • 重要的是要甄辨出嫉妒情绪并尽早消除这种心理,以免其一发不可收拾。
    It is important to recognize jealousy and to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand.
  • 我暗自一惊,发现一个名字都不认识。
    I realized with a kind of dull shock that I didn't recognize a single name.
  • 他觉得她在雪天里认不出他的车子。
    He did not think she could recognize his car in the snow
  • 她愁容满面,我差点儿没认出她来。
    She looked so haunted, I almost didn't recognize her.
  • 我怎样才能认出你呢?
    How will I recognize you?
  • 他很有眼力,慧眼识英才。
    He had the insight to recognize their talents
  • 我觉得你一点儿也没变,小李不应该不认识你呀!
    I don't think you have changed at all! Xiao Li shouldn't have failed to recognize you.