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real content - 内容导视,实际含量,实际内容
real in content - 求真
Real Content Length - 真实内容长度
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Bilingual sentences

  • 可能除了传递给最终用户的实际内容外,对所有来自您组织以外的 XML 词汇表的项都可用前缀。
    Use prefixes on all items coming from XML vocabularies that are external to your organization, with the possible exception of real content being delivered to the end user.
  • 因此需要使用真实的内容和页面设计来理解具体的设计是如何工作的。
    Need to use real content and page designs to understand how the design will work.
  • 与案例1中的设计思想不同,这里照片是用来传达某种信息,为真正的内容创造上下文。
    But contrary to its usage as a content element, the image is used in web design as a medium to communicate a message to the user in order to create a certain context for the real content.
  • 但是这种技术由于看不到请求内容,不能做出有针对性的负载决策。
    However, this method cannot make pertinent load balance decisions because it cannot recognize the real content in request packet.
  • 就现代的文学观念而言,「文章」虽是汉代文学的主流形式,然其内容又脱离不开经典思维的影响。
    Although "Wen Zhang" became the main form in Han's writings, the real content was still under the influence of the thinking of classical study.
  • 从而避免了那些广告湮没在真实的文本内容之中。
    No longer will those adverts swamp your real content.
  • 在研究过程中,我们让46名参与者阅读虚拟新闻站点和真实多媒体内容,为时一个钟头,同时观察他们那的眼部活动。
    In Eyetrack III, we observed 46 people for one hour as their eyes followed mock news websites and real multimedia content.
  • 各处都使用前缀,或者至少在除了传送到最终用户的实际内容之外的所有项上使用它们。
    Use prefixes everywhere or at least use them on all items except those that are the real content being delivered to the end user.
  • 这就意味着您可以为所有广告划分一个单独的区域,从而保证其他空间来显示您网页的真实内容。
    This means you can now confine all those adverts to a single area, leaving room for the real content of your page.
  • 研究结果表明:模型的在线检测结果能够较为准确地反映水提过程中的葛根素含量的变化趋势;
    The on-line measure results of the proposed model were precisely close to the real content of the key compound.
  • 不过,有些人可能感到前缀很累人,或觉得一个名称空间可应用于文档的 实际内容,而且把它设为缺省值是进行区别的一种方法。
    However, some people may experience prefix fatigue or feel that one namespace applies to the real content of the document and that making it the default is a way to make that distinction.
  • 同时还提出孟子的人性论思想在关于人性界定中存有片面性,逻辑论证中缺乏现实内容基础等局限。
    And Mencius's theory of human nature has limitations in the delimitation of human nature, and is short of the basis of real content in the logical argument.
  • 它没有真正的内容,意味着没有布局。
    It has no real content which means there is no layout.
  • 重点探讨了扩链过程中对于游离NCO基含量测定中存在的副反应,并给出实际NCO基含量的计算公式。
    Emphases were placed on the side reactions in the measurement of free NCO in chain extended process. The account formula of the real content of free NCO was given.
  • 早期的原型不需要显示真实的UI 或美工图样,也不需要处理真实的内容。
    Early prototypes don't need to display real UI or art, and they don't need to handle real content.
  • 本人保证以上提供内容真实可靠,如发现有悖事实之内容,愿承担一切后果及责任。
    I guarantee to provide more reliable real content, such as the fact that contrary to the content, is willing to bear all the consequences and responsibility.
  • 苄酯化法测定白酒中酸类时,由于白酒中酯类的水解,引起酸类的测定结果偏高。
    During the determination of acids in liquor by benzylation, the hydrolysis of esters might give an acid content higher than its real content.
  • 我尝试推出的网站至少含有100页的真实内容。
    I try to launch a site with atleast 100 pages of real content.
  • 这显然是误解了制约权力的真正含义。
    That conception is obviously mis-mistaken about the real content of the restricted power.
  • 此外,可以用一个简单的 IBMIDDoc 文档 shell,其中除了 DITA 指针外没有实际内容,来获得 IBMIDDoc 工具集支持的所有输出格式。
    In addition, one simple IBMIDDoc document shell, with no real content other than a DITA pointer, can be used to get to any output format already supported by the IBMIDDoc toolset.
  • 别强迫用户在访问到真正内容之前看某些东西。
    Avoid "intros": do not force the user to watch or read something before he can access to the real content.
  • 关于使用前缀的 最佳实践是要么在任何地方都用前缀,要么在除传递给最终用户的实际内容外的所有项上使用它们。
    The best practice regarding use of prefixes is to either use them everywhere or to use them on all items except those that are the real content being delivered to the end user.
  • 避免内容介绍。别强迫用户在访问到真正内容之前看某些东西。
    Avoid " intros ": do not force the user to watch or read something before he can access to the real content.
  • 垃圾信息基本上都是一种邀请人们成为他们会员的行销手段,他们要么提升其网站的排名,要么从广告中赚钱,其内容都是虚假的。
    Splogs are essentially blogs that are used for affiliate marketing. They either increase another sites page rank or they make money from advertising, but no real content is produced.