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[计] 原始数据;原始资料
Web explanation
Raw Data - 原始数据,原始资料,原数据
Raw Unordered Data - 未排序的原始数据
Raw NAEP Data - 其原始数据
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Bilingual sentences

  • 信息服务集成信息而不管其位置如何,从而提供统一的视图,并向原始数据增添业务上下文和价值。
    Information services integrate information regardless of its location to provide a unified view, and add business context and value to the raw data.
  • 微格式就是一系列的数据格式,它利用现有的(X)HTML 和 CSS 构造将原始数据嵌入到以人类为目标的网页的标记中。
    Microformats are a series of data formats that use existing (X)HTML and CSS constructs to embed raw data within the markup of a human-targeted Web page.
  • 开发者们常常会陷入这样的误区:把他们的数据模型构建的与他们得到的原始数据(如XML、JSON或原始对象)一模一样。
    Too often developers fall into the trap of structuring their data models the same way as the raw data they receive, whether that is XML, JSON, or raw objects.
  • 当您评价代码覆盖率时,原始数据的数量会非常的巨大。
    When you measure code coverage, the amount of raw data can be overwhelming.
  • 这些信息采用原始数据和饼图两种形式,便于用户更快地理解信息。
    These details are provided through raw data and pie-charts to comprehend the information more quickly.
  • 实际上,它是整个系统设计上的考虑,需要根据整个数据库预期的原始数据大小和服务器硬件的能力来决定。
    Rather it is an overall system design consideration based on the anticipated raw data size of the entire database and capacity of the server hardware.
  • 某些数字,比如日期,作为原始数据时看起来很奇怪,如果未带格式存储,那么可能会是不正确的值。
    Certain numbers, like dates, look awfully funny as raw data and would not be the correct values if stored without formatting.
  • 该概念的核心就是我们需要所有相关机构行动起来,把标准格式的原始数据上传到互联网上。
    The gist of the idea is that we need every institution that can do so putting raw data in standardized format up on the web.
  • 即使您的工具并没有提供这些结果,但通常,您可以将原始数据转储到电子表格中,并使用公式对其进行计算。
    Even if your tool does not provide these results, you can often dump the raw data into a spreadsheet and calculate it with a formula.
  • 可是他们做了什么呢 他们给你一些非常差劲的原始数据 然后直奔稀释一万亿倍的实验而去 然后声称他们观测到了同样的信号.
    But no. They show off some very poor raw data and then rush off to dilute the experiment a trillion fold and claim to see the same signal.
  • 他说,这促使他拒绝与批评家分享原始数据——他表示这是令自己后悔的决定。
    He said this contributed to his refusal to share raw data with critics - a decision he says he regretted.
  • 一旦他们开始取出原始数据,只能在三个月调查中利用“解调”方程式打开这个文档之后,才能将其转换为可用格式。
    Once they began to retrieve the raw data, converting it into a usable form was only possible after a three-month search uncovered a document with the "demodulation" equations.
  • 因此,必须以某种方式对原始数据进行处理,以实现其价值。
    The raw data, then, must be preprocessed in some way to be of any value.
  • 随着大多数原始数据仍存在于这些平台上,与其他平台相互交流的需要变得极为重要。
    And with the majority of the raw data still residing on these platforms, the need to interact with other platforms became paramount.
  • 事务性印刷中的资料不会以印刷版式传给印刷服务供应商,而是与结构资讯(标记)一起作为原始资料。
    The data for transactional printing is no longer transmitted to print service providers in print format but as raw data with structural information (mark-up).
  • 它是原始数据。
    It is raw data.
  • 我刚刚对自己进行了同样的实验,对其结果所做的分析,得出了一个不同的结论。首先,我们来看看原始数据。
    I have just conducted the same experiment on myself, and an analysis of my results points to a different conclusion. First, the raw data.
  • 原始数据提供程序不能满足经常改变的数据的需求,因为组件不能收到数据变更通知。
    Raw data providers are not sufficient for data that is always changing, because the components do not receive notification of data changes.
  • 所以我根据他们的说明获得了原始数据。
    So I followed their instructions to get at the raw data.
  • 不过,所包括的 原始数据让任何浏览者都可以做出他或她自己的判断。
    However, the included raw data allows any reviewer to make his or her own judgment.
  • 或者,考虑到数组中的原始数据是直接可用的,您可以对所需要的值进行重新计算。
    Alternatively, considering the raw data is available in the array, you can go through the recalculation of the needed value.
  • 您需要使用数据库来存储问卷调查表格中的原始数据,并且作为您的应用程序报告相关信息的一种方法。
    You need to use the database for storing the raw data from the survey form and as a method of reporting the information for your application.