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Dictionary explanation
n. 引用,引号;报价(quote的复数)
v. 报价(quote的第三人称单数);引用;复述
Web explanation
quotes - 引号,商品的报价,语录
Quotable Quotes - 亦可透过书中,珠玑集
French quotes - 书名号,法文引号
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引述, 报价, 举证; 引用; 报价; 引证
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Bilingual sentences

  • 她经常在课堂上引用几句拜伦的诗。
    She often quotes several lines of Byron in the class.
  • 评论家引用作者的原文将他的评论写得极长。
    The critic padded out the review with quotes from the author.
  • 在使用这个脚本时,您必须将用户或者主机组合和命令放到双引号中,以确保能够将其识别为单个参数。
    When using the script, you must put the user or host combinations and the command into double quotes to ensure they are identified as a single argument.
  • 文本缩进控制。 当你引用一条其他消息时,你可以自行控制它需要缩进的水平尺度。
    Indentation control, which allows you to control the level of indentation of your quotes from other messages.
  • 然而,您可以一直使用交互模式执行,从而不必担心是否遗漏引号。
    However, you can always execute in interactive mode and not worry about whether you've missed any quotes.
  • 翻译人员显然不知道什么代码将操作翻译的文本,因此他们必须知道如何输入所需的单引号/撇号。
    The translator obviously does not know what code will manipulate the translated text, so they must know how to enter required single quotes or apostrophes.
  • 不要忘记其中的空格和引号。
    Do not forget the spaces and quotes.
  • 对于此示例应用程序,呈现期间的延迟是由于访问远程股票报价服务所造成的。
    For the example application, the latency during rendering is caused by access to the remote stock quotes service.
  • 不过,您有一个问题:每个保险公司都有不同的机制来接受报价请求和向您提供报价。
    But you have a problem; each of the Insurance companies has a different mechanism for accepting quote requests and providing quotes to you.
  • 通过使用分号隔开每个命令,然后将整个命令序列用引号引起来(以便能够将其识别为单个参数),您还可以执行一系列的命令。
    You can also execute a sequence of commands by separating each command with a semicolon and then placing the entire sequence of commands into quotes so that it is identified as a single argument.
  • 一个或两个单引号?
    One or two quotes?
  • 将词汇包含在双引号中能够排除这个词汇的变形,以及同义词和其他有相同词元的词汇。
    Enclosing the term in double-quotes excludes variations of the term and excludes synonyms and other terms with the same lemma.
  • 如果使用了两个特殊字符中的任何一个,则必须将名称包括在双引号中。
    If either of these two special characters are used, the names must be enclosed in double quotes.
  • 为了实现这一目标,您与几个不同的保险公司达成了向您提供保险报价协议。
    To do so you have an agreement with several different Insurance companies to provide you with quotes.
  • 这妨碍了加入需要以电子方式提交投保申请和保险单报价回报的保险交易所。
    This hampers participating in insurance exchanges that require electronic submission of applications and the return of the policies quotes.
  • 到明天早晨我方将 为您准备好一些报价单。
    I’ll have some quotes ready for you by tomorrow morning.
  • 如果你想了解健康领域,在谷歌里键入“健康领域”,不要加引号,搜索出一些健康相关的热门论坛。
    If you are in the health niche, type “health niche” without quotes in google to find some of the top health related forums.