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quantity survey - 工料测量,测绘学,数量估计
Quantity Survey Engineer - 评估师
The quantity survey method - 工料测量法
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  • 水尺计量是现代海运贸易中大宗廉价散货数量交接的重要手段之一。
    Draft survey is one of the important methods which is used on quantity handing-over of large low-priced bulk cargo of modern ocean-shipping.
  • 本发明属电器产品,主要用于石油工业系统的站井产液量的测量。
    This is a liquid volume quantity survey device for surveying station of the oil industry.
  • 通过对销售状况的调查,可以使谈判者大体上掌握市场容量,确定产品的销售数量或进购数量。 第三,竞争状况。
    By means of the survey of sales, the negotiator can grasp the general market capacity, thus determining the sell or purchasing quantity of the product.
  • 第三部分通过调查并结合大量的参考文献来揭示家校沟通过程中存在的障碍进而从主客观角度来分析这些障碍性因素。
    In Chapter three, it points out the disorders in the course of communication and exposes the disorder factors through the combination of survey and the huge quantity of reference data.
  • 传统直流电法勘探方法,在地下水研究中应用于寻找水源、确定地下水的开采量取得了较好的应用效果。
    The traditional method of DC electrical survey is applied to search for water sources in the groundwater study and achieves better effect in confirming exploitation quantity of groundwater.
  • 一项对超过500名脸书用户的调查显示,晒出的照片的质量和主题对人际关系的亲疏会产生影响。
    A survey of more than 500 Facebook users found the quantity and subject matter of the images have an impact on the level of support and intimacy within relationships.
  • 针对电力系统中待处理数据量的急剧增加,研究了数据仓库和数据挖掘技术的发展概况、实现方法以及其在电力系统中的应用前景。
    For the rapid augment of data quantity in power system, the development survey, realize methods and application foreground in power system of Data Warehouse (DW) and Data Mining (DM) are introduced.
  • 传统县级土地利用调查手段需要耗费大量的人力物力,效率低下。
    Traditional means of land use survey at county level costs a great quantity of manpower and material resource, but with low effectiveness.
  • 从列昂托夫斯基的三个传统公式到沈忠悦的一个通用公式,使岩层真厚度计算简便得多。
    The true thickness of strata is conventionally calculated by using the scalar quantity in the field survey.
  • 派出工程技术人员按任务委托书要求进行现场踏勘,确定工作手段、工程量,编制工程预算。
    Dispatch engineering and technical personnel to make site survey and make determination of construction measure, work quantity in addition to preparation of project budget.
  • 在新的历史条件下,贫困农村地区的社会生活方式和文化大环境慢慢在改变,农村小学生课外活动的数量、内容也发生了较大变化。
    From the results of the survey, the impoverished rural pupils' extra-curricular activities in Yongzhou are characterized as small quantity and poor content.
  • 农村土地调查数据库体现了各行业用地的权属、结构、数量和分布,为国土资源管理规划提供重要依据和参考。
    Rural land survey database embodies the land ownership, industry structure, quantity and distribution of land and resources, management and planning to provide important basis and the reference.
  • 算量是建筑业的一个重要环节。
    Quantity survey is one of the important tasks in construction.
  • 在核测量中,定标器是基本的测量仪器,用来确定与要测量物理量相关的脉冲计数。
    In nucleus survey, The scaler is a basic equipment which is used to record pulses, correlated with wanted physical quantity.
  • 本研究工具:采用问卷调查法,使用量表为1。
    The origin studies tool: Adopt a questionnaire survey; use the quantity form to 1.
  • 本研究对类似矿山中金量的测定具有指导意义。
    This research has directive significance to the survey of gold quantity in the similar mine.
  • 环境设置则以设置数量、地点、高度、照明与材质选择等要项进行问卷调查。
    Then the environment setting establishes quantity, the place, highly, important items and so on illumination and material quality choice carries on the questionnaire survey.
  • 定量:测定物质所含各种成分的数量`。
    Ration: survey material contain the quantity of various compositions.