quantity of the impurities

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  • 结果:综合提取法所制得的药物树脂复合物在所尝试的方法中载药量最高,杂质含量最少。
    The results were estimated by the indexes of the quantity concerning berberine hydrochloride and impurities loaded on the ion exchange resin.
  • 讨论合金中铌元素的定性和半定量分析方法,结果能满足材料牌号鉴别的需要。
    Study on the Synthesis, Identification and Quantity of the Main Impurities in the Technical Triadimefon;
  • 一种空调装置的清洗方法等,在使用二氧化碳作为工作制冷剂时,不用进 行抽真空,就能降低残留的杂质的量。
    Provided is a method for cleaning an air conditioner, by which a quantity of remaining impurities is reduced without vacuumizing, in the case of using carbon dioxide as an operating coolant.
  • 实验结果表明:B淀粉含有的蛋白质、 脂肪、 戊聚糖等成分明显高于A淀粉。
    The results suggested that comparing with the A - starch, there are more quantity of impurities, such as protein, lipids and pentosan, in the B - starch .