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Dictionary explanation
n. 滑轮;皮带轮;滑车
n. (Pulley)人名;(英)普利
vt. 用滑轮升起
Web explanation
pulley - 滑轮,皮带轮,滑车
belt pulley - 带轮,皮带轮,皮带传动轮
cone pulley - 塔轮,锥轮,锥形轮
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滑车 / 滑轮
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滑车, 滑轮
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Bilingual sentences

  • 重物通过缆绳和滑轮系统运送。
    The weights are moved via a cable and pulley system.
  • 要释放和张紧皮带轮,必须有另一个人用相应的固位工具卡住皮带轮。
    To release and tighten the belt pulley, a second person must counter with the relevant retaining tool.
  • 与一个助手装配曲轴皮带轮。
    Fit the crankshaft belt pulley with a helper.
  • 安装皮带轮和传动带。
    Fit pulley and drive belt.
  • 松开皮带轮紧固件时需要。
    Required to loosen the pulley fastening.
  • 拆下传动带和皮带轮。
    Remove drive belt and pulley.
  • 我们可以帮助你们!让我们在做一个滑轮吧。
    We can help you! Let's make a pulley.
  • 预先将传动带松散地放置到皮带轮上。
    Loosely pre-position drive belt on the belt pulley.
  • 使用定位销固定皮带轮或振动平衡器。
    Using a locating pin fix the pulley or vibration balancer.
  • 为此,请松开两个前紧固螺钉,并根据需要转动皮带轮。
    To do so, loosen the two front fastening screws and turn the pulley as required.
  • 拆下液压泵上的皮带轮。
    Remove pulley on the hydraulic pump.
  • 连线和动滑轮相接;
    A connecting line is connected with the movable pulley.
  • 仅能使用曲轴皮带轮转动发动机,而不是在凸轮轴处转动。
    Only turn engine using the crankshaft pulley, not at the camshafts.
  • 参见拆卸和安装皮带轮、拆卸和安装单质量飞轮或拆卸和安装飞轮。
    See removing and installing pulley, removing and installing single-mass flywheel or removing and installing flywheel.
  • 安装液压泵的皮带轮并安装传动带。
    Mount belt pulley for hydraulic pump and fit drive belt.