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n. 水坑,泥潭;胶土(由粘土与水和成,不透水)
vt. 使泥泞,搅浑;把…捣制成胶土;搅炼;用胶土填塞
vi. 搅泥浆;在水坑中嬉戏
Web explanation
puddle - 水坑,水之道,池
Puddle Steel - 搅炼钢
puddle ball - 搅炼炉熟铁块
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水池, 水坑, 地上积水
搅浊, 混凝; 搅泥浆; 瞎忙; 在水坑中嬉戏
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Bilingual sentences

  • 因为成千上万的摩托车驾驶员可以作证,那些小水抗要比看起来深得多。
    As thousands of stranded motorists can attest, what looks like a small puddle can be much deeper.
  • 出去,到泥坑里嬉戏吧,“他会这样告诉女儿。”
    "Go out and jump in the mud puddle, " he would tell the girls.
  • 就算是一个小泥潭,也能被宣林演绎成历险的乐园。
    For Shumlin, even a mud puddle can make for an adventure
  • 但是机遇号对于火星地理结构的解读总是揭示出一个存在于远古火星的,来自于海洋性酸股介水坑的废弃风沙之地。
    But the geologic story it read there always spoke of an ancient martian wasteland of windblown dunes pocked by the occasional acid-laced puddle.
  • 有经典的锥形火山,也有形如水坑或湖,中心冒泡的火山。
    There are classic cone-shaped ones and also volcanoes in the shape of a puddle or a lake with a blowing bubble in the middle.
  • 试想一下,一滩水是如何找到排水口的,或更贴切一点,一群蚂蚁是如何找到食物的:实际上就是在分散搜索之后,以一个可延伸的通讯机制加以协调。
    Consider the way a puddle of water finds a drain, or better yet how ants find food: exploration essentially by diffusion, followed by exploitation mediated by a scalable communication mechanism.
  • 11点半,赖特摇摇晃晃地下床,一脚踩进了水坑里。
    At 11:30, he swung off his bunk and stepped into a puddle.
  • “走出户外,跳进泥潭。” 他会这样告诉费勒的女儿们。
    "Go out and jump in the mud puddle," he would tell the girls.
  • 他没有这样做,相反,他把她拖到外面并且强迫她步行两小时去一个花园。 去到那里,他把她的脸往地上摁,塞进泥土并且往她脸上涂污水。
    Instead, he dragged her outside and forced her to walk for two hours to a park, where he pushed her to he ground, rolled her in mud and threw filthy puddle water at her.
  • 雨后的小水坑或山脉中的溪流会平息它的口渴,清凉它干热的喉咙。
    Water from a rain puddle or a mountain stream would quench his thirst and cool his hot dry throat.
  • 2010年4月23日—一位老人停下脚步,将水坑中的泥水盛进桶中。
    April 23, 2010—An old man stooped to scoop muddy water from a puddle into his pail.
  • 他有一个伴侣,她奄奄一息,就躺在他落下的泥坑旁边。
    He had a-mate and she was dying. She was beside the puddle where he landed.
  • 水坑在阳光下迅速蒸发。
    The puddle evaporated rapidly in the sun.
  • (图c):通常粒子会均匀分布,除非地板上有一滩怪怪的的不明液体。
    (Fig. C): Usually the particles will distribute evenly, unless there is a weird-looking puddle on the floor.
  • 我们见到小孩洗澡和喝水都在一个泥塘。
    We saw small children bathing in and drinking from a muddy puddle.
  • 赶紧开始吧,就从某天发生在你身上的一件小事开始涂鸦就行……就从一些小事,比如不小心踏进了泥水坑,或者看你喜欢的电视这类事开始。
    Just jump into it and doodle a small event that happened to you that day… from something as small as stepping into a puddle of mud, or watching your favorite TV show.
  • 我踏出家门,没有任何事情能阻挡我——深冬季节的暴风雪、我家门廊台阶上那永远挥散不去的雨水坑,还有这个季节带来的烂泥和污秽。
    I step outside the house and nothing can stop me—the late season snowstorm, the puddle of standing water at the bottom of my porch steps that will never evaporate, the mud and muck this season brings.
  • 当雨后阳光回到大地,给你自己和孩子都穿上旧衣服及橡胶雨靴——然后出去享受一段跳水坑的快乐时光!
    When the sun comes back out, dress your child and yourself in old clothes and rubber boots--then head outside for a fun-filled session of puddle-jumping!
  • 尼尼微就像是一个泥潭,里面的水已经越来越少了。
    Nineveh is like a puddle, and the water inside it is becoming less and less.
  • 雷贝特先生说,“现在的人们缺少礼貌端庄的仪态。” 他对着人行道上的一摊“水”直皱眉头。
    'There's a lack of civility, ' said Mr. Rebete, frowning at a puddle on a sidewalk.