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Dictionary explanation
n. 侧面;轮廓;外形;剖面;简况
vt. 描…的轮廓;扼要描述
vi. 给出轮廓
Web explanation
Profile - 轮廓,旺铺介绍,户资料
Bevel Profile - 轮廓倒角,倒角剖面,轮廓导角
tooth profile - 齿廓,齿形,齿形,齿廓
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侧面 / 形象 / 轮廓 / 纵断面
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侧面, 侧影; 外观; 轮廓, 外形; 形象
给...画侧面像; 描出...的轮廓; 给...作剖面图; 写...的传略
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Bilingual sentences

  • 驻巴黎记者塔玛·戈兰对反叛者的首领进行了介绍。
    Tamar Golan, a Paris-based journalist, profiles the rebel leader.
  • 他任董事长的最初几年为提升公司的知名度起到了积极的推动作用。
    In his first years as chairman he was instrumental in raising the company's wider profile
  • 这张照片照的是女孩的侧面。
    This picture shows the girl in profile.
  • 她侧面看很美。
    She has a beautiful [ fine] profile.; She is fine in profile.
  • 商业化已经让多项体育运动有了更高的公众关注度。
    Commercialisation has given many sports a higher profile.
  • 我转过头,看见一个人的侧影。
    I turned my head and saw the profile of a man.
  • 如果天气晴朗,我们可看到远山的轮廓。
    We could see the profile of a distant hill if it is very clear.
  • 该报每周刊登一篇关于一个优秀运动员的简介。
    The newspaper publishes a profile of a leading sportsman every week.
  • 一家报纸刊登了几位候选人夫人的简介。
    A newspaper published profiles of the candidates 'wives.
  • 他给她画侧面像。
    He drew her profile.
  • 警方在大多数地方有意保持低调。
    The police deliberately kept a low profile in most places.
  • 国家党正在提升自己作为持社会保守立场的传统价值观捍卫者的形象。
    The National Party is lifting its profile as socially conservative guardian of traditional values.
  • 足球是一个引人注目的产业。
    Football is a high profile business
  • 他英俊的侧影从我们眼前转开了。
    His handsome profile was turned away from us.