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Dictionary explanation
adj. 在工作的,开业的
v. 练习(practice的ing形式)
Web explanation
Practicing - 身体力行,开业的,实践
practicing doctor - 开业医生,停业医生,执业医师
practicing catholic - 热心教友,虔诚教友指忠实履行信仰义务之教友
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Bilingual sentences

  • 一会儿,他们又在天空练习飞行了。
    In a moment they were airborne again, practicing.
  • 在练习冥想一段时间后,它会改变你的睡眠。
    After practicing meditation for some time it will affect your sleep.
  • 在这两节课中,我们会练习不同程度地表示同意和不同意表达,从弱到强。
    In these two episodes, we’ll be practicing different levels of agreement and disagreement, from weak to strong.
  • 我是个很体面的跑步者,我练习跑步也没人给我奖励。
    I’m a decent runner and there is no real reward in me practicing.
  • 练习这种简单的角色游戏仅仅局限于你的想象。
    Practicing this simple little role play is only limited to your imagination.
  • 沉思,瑜伽或者练习一种放松的技巧也能帮助获得内在的专注,这种专注可以使人感觉充实,心情愉悦。
    Meditation, yoga or practicing a relaxation technique can also help achieve internal concentration that leads to fullness and a mood of well-being?
  • 其他有用的步骤包括寻求别人的帮助,幽默,学会变得自信,练习解决问题和时间管理的能力。
    Other helpful steps include asking for help from others, using humor, learning to be assertive, and practicing problem solving and time management.
  • 这次将双手放在距离墙壁2-3英寸远的地方 - 要比之前的练习更远一些 - 仍像之前那样完成头倒立。
    Place your knuckles 2 to 3 inches from the wall—a little further away than you've been practicing—and go up as usual.
  • 你曾经在不了解这些建议时,练习过它们吗?
    Have you been practicing these agreements without knowing it?
  • 当闹特选择画一些无忧无虑的练习倒立的大象时,她的父母告诉她回到惯常的主题去。
    When Noot opts for painting carefree elephants practicing handstands, she is told by her parents to go back to the usual subjects.
  • 如同任何努力一样,没有一种正确的练习方法——只有找出那些对你有效的方法。
    Like any endeavor, there isn’t a right way to go about practicing—find those methods that work for you.
  • 以认真为目标,通过练习来准备。
    Aim for earnest and prepare by practicing.
  • 依我看,英语练习没有比模仿、分析和替换更科学的方法了。
    There is no more scientific way of practicing English, as I see it, than imitation, analysis and substitution.
  • 力争做到诚挚,并且事前练习。
    Aim for earnest and prepare by practicing.
  • 为任何种类的 IT 认证作准备都需要学习和练习。
    Preparing for any kind of IT certification is about both studying and practicing.
  • 你可能会问自己“我现在该怎样做?” ,答案永远都是“继续练习”。
    When you ask yourself, “What should I do now, Self?”, the answer is “keep practicing”.
  • 如果你持续练习并针对自己的行动和决策进行回顾,你会发现自己的专才在逐步改善。
    If you keep practicing and reflecting on your actions and decisions, you\\\'ll find that your know-how gradually improves.
  • 我们多多少少都有点害羞,眼神接触并不总是容易做到,但我们应该现在就开始练习。
    Many of us are shy by degrees and making eye contact isn't always easy but we should start practicing.
  • 我会在一个隔音的房间里面学习两个小时的长音、音阶、琶音的知识,也练习一些具体的歌曲片段。
    I'd go into a soundproof room for two hours of long-tones, scales, arpeggios, and practicing specific song phrases over and over.
  • 你在这儿干什么呢? 我在练习功夫。
    What are you doing here?I am practicing kungfu.
  • 更重要的是,据记录,病人在练习瑜伽期间抑郁和焦虑明显减少。
    What's more, patients reported less depression and anxiety while they were practicing yoga.
  • 它还意味着要在家里巩固所学的每一项内容──练习写字母、数数、发音;
    It means reinforcing every lesson at home, practicing letters or numbers or how to pronounce words.
  • 一个类似的假设-如果真的只剩下陈述这个方法,而你又停止练习,那么你还擅长什么。
    A likely assumption—except that the only way that statement could be true is if you stop practicing what you’re good at.
  • 多做一些有益的、需要集中精力的事情,比如写下你的状况,帮助其他人做家务,或者练习武术或瑜伽。
    Do something that’s productive and requires concentration, such as writing about your situation, helping someone else with their homework, or practicing martial arts or yoga.