point break

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Point Break - 终极豪情,惊爆点,古惑男孩
Peak point of break - 断裂峰值,断裂峰值
nodal point break - 节点距
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Bilingual sentences

  • 化学工业要在稳定发展农用化学品的基础上,以发展石油化工为突破口,大力发展有机原料、合成材料及其中间体,积极发展精细化学品,努力开发化工高新技术领域,发展高功能化工新材料。
    The petrochemical sector should be taken as a point to break through for the chemical industry while maintaining a steady development of the agrochemical sector. The organic chemicals, synthetic materials and their intermediates should be developed vigorously.
  • 复杂构造区断煤交线绘制法中断裂交点错动方向的探讨
    Approach on break crossover point diastrophism direction of break coal intersecting line drawing in complex structure area
  • 还应涵盖:以突破常规思维,发现观察和处理各种关系新视点为目标的观念创新;
    It also includes the idea and concept innovation aimed for new point of sight to break through the routine thought, find, observe and handle all relationships;
  • 哈罗德,那意图就是违反税法。
    Haroid, the point is to break the tax iaws.
  • 抓住重点突破难点大力推进档案事业的发展
    To seize the point, break through the difficulty, and put forward the development of archival undertaking strongly
  • 我们将继续装物体,直到断裂点,这样我们就能测量到,极限抗拉强度的大小。
    So we're going to load it up to the point that it will break, and that allows us to measure the ultimate tensile strength.
  • 你什么时候也不能违反交通规则。
    At no point can you break traffic rules.
  • 这可能是你的生命之旅,以便更好地准备了“全国最好的浪潮”在Playa纳兰霍和质量的权利在波特雷罗格兰德河河口(Ollies点)点突破自己。
    This could be the trip of your life so better prepare yourself for the "country's best waves" in Playa Naranjo and the quality right river mouth point break at Potrero Grande ( Ollies Point).
  • 哈罗德,这种意图就是违犯税法。
    Harold, the point is to break the tax laws.