pocket money

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Bilingual sentences

  • 我们把所有的零花钱都花在电脑游戏和CD上了。
    We spend all our pocket money on computer games and CDs.
  • 一方面,父母同意应该给孩子只够上学花费的零用钱。
    On the one hand, parents agreed to give their children less pocket money and only enough for school supplies.
  • 我过去常花光所有的零花钱。
    I used to spend all my pocket money.
  • 因为杰克的父亲很穷,所以他只有很少的零用钱。
    As his father was very poor, Jack had little pocket money.
  • 他削减了她的零用钱, 直到还清了债务。
    He docked her pocket money until the debt was paid off.
  • 曾经,他为波尔奈影院的顾客制作冰棍,来换取零用钱。
    Pocket money came from making batonnets glacés for patrons of the Bernay cinema.
  • 然后,我去了邮局,把全部零用钱和这封信一起寄给了那些孩子们。
    Then I went to the post office and sent all my pocket money and the letter to the children.
  • 在我的房间里,我看到桌子上的小盒子,里面是我存的零用钱。
    In my room, I saw the little box on the table, in which I kept my pocket money.
  • 在我的房间里,我注意到桌子上的小盒子,里面是我存的零用钱。
    In my room, I noticed the little box in which I kept my pocket money on the table.
  • 我想为奥运会做点什么,于是我开始将自己的所有零花钱攒起来。
    I want to do something for the Games. So I begin to save all my pocket money.
  • 你感受到他们在你要学费,零用钱和其它东西时候的态度了吗?
    Have you felt any attitude they exhibit each time you ask for School fees, money for shopping, pocket money and any other thing on your list?
  • 也许你的老板,假如你有一份工作的话,会跟你解释为什么你的工资低一点,毕竟,你可能只是出来赚点零花钱而已。
    That your boss, if you had a job, could explain that he was paying you less because, after all, you were probably working just for pocket money.
  • 从那时起每三个月,我会在他们的帐户里存入他们的零花钱。 在他们长大后,这笔存款里也包括了他们的服装津贴。
    Every three months since then, I have deposited pocket money for them in their savings accounts and, as they have grown older, their clothing allowance as well.