pick through

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pick through - 搜查
pick one's way through - 谨慎地走过…
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Bilingual sentences

  • 这只鸟儿够聪明,用嘴叨针缝衣衫!
    The brainy bird can stitch, pick up a pin and thread it through fabric.
  • 许多人在废墟中挑拣。
    Groups of people pick through huge piles of rubble.
  • 通过分析可验证我省2001年新上数字资料&水位和地热的可靠性、灵敏性,以便科学地分析数字水位、地热资料、提取可靠的前兆异常信息,高效地服务于日常地震分析预报工作。
    The results show that the digital data of water level and geothermals are reliable and sensitive, and we can pick up seismic precursor information through analyzing these data scientifically.
  • 钱德勒、乔伊和菲比开始在千层面中寻找。这时敲门声响起,莫妮卡去开门。
    Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe start to pick through the lasagne as there's a knock on the door which Monica answers.
  • 确保在这种危机四伏的情况下仔细地挑选你的路,像往常一样保持冷静和信心。
    Ensure that you pick your way carefully through any such minefields and remain calm and confident as you do so.
  • 我认为教育的本质是一种价值观念的传递,价值观念并不能帮助我们选择生活道路,除非它能成为我们思想的一部分。
    The essence of education, I suggested, is the transmission of values, but values do not help us to pick our way through life unless they have become our own, a part, so to say, of our mental make-up.
  • 他会一下子把马修举得高高的,在屋子里转来转去,就像飞机急速飞行那样。
    He would pick Matthew up and zoom him through the house like an airplane.
  • 工程实例表明,使用共振解调技术可以有效提取轴承故障微小脉冲冲击,通过在共振解调傅里叶谱图上分析冲击功率故障振动信号特征,可以较容易地进行故障诊断。
    Engineering cases indicated: to apply the techniques of resonant demodulation can pick up micro shock pulses of bearing fault, and through analyzing the impact power fault vibration signal characteristics in the Fourier chart of the resonant demodulation, the fault diagnosis will be easier.
  • 难道是我在这一片阴暗中看到了海市蜃楼?
    Is that a mirage my eyes pick out through the gloom?