physical integrity

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Physical Integrity - 物理完整性,身体健康
Rights to Physical Integrity - 人身完整权
physical and intellectual integrity - 身心健康,体智协调
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Bilingual sentences

  • 睡眠是一种重要的生理现象,良好的睡眠对维持正常生理活动,保持身心健康具有重要作用。
    The sleep is one important physiological phenomenon, the good sleep to maintains the normal physiological activity, maintains the physical and moral integrity has the influential role.
  • 能造成创伤后应激死亡,严重人身伤害,或对个人人身安全造成或威胁时,他们与灾难事件。
    Events associated with disaster are capable of causing traumatic stress when they cause or threaten death, serious injury, or the physical integrity of individuals.
  • “立足健康长寿事业,致力民众身心健康”是企业发展的基础。
    "the foothold healthy longevity enterprise, devotes the populace physical and moral integrity" is the enterprise development foundation.
  • 职业倦怠对教师的身心健康、教学质量以及教师队伍的稳定构成了巨大威胁,对教师的教学与学生的发展造成了直接的负面的影响。
    It has become a serious threat of the teachers' physical and moral integrity, the teaching quality as well as the teacher troop's stability.
  • 物理完整性是指保证数据库的数据不受物理故障的影响,并有可能在灾难性毁坏时重建和恢复数据库。
    Refers to the physical integrity of the data from the database to ensure the physical failures , and there may be catastrophic damage to rebuild and restore the database.
  • 目前,我国已进入老龄化社会,关注老年群体的身心健康,已成为构建和谐社会的重要因素。
    At present, our country entered aging society, the attention old age community's physical and moral integrity, has become the construction harmonious society the important attribute.
  • 货仓是否有程序规定装货之前确认集装箱结构的物理完整性?。
    Are procedures in place to verify the physical integrity of the container structure prior to stuffing for warehouse?
  • 保持身心健康,是每个人都有的美好愿望。
    Maintains the physical and moral integrity, is happy desire which each people have.
  • 参与临床试验的受试者的身体和精神状态。
    The physical and mental integrity of the subjects participating in a clinical trial.
  • 关注家庭教育,有助于造就身心健康、个性完善的人才;
    The attention home education, is helpful to the accomplishment physical and moral integrity, the individuality perfect talented person.
  • 检查船上货柜装卸情况,并证明货柜完整无缺。
    Checks loading/unloading of containers on board of vessel and certifies physical integrity of containers.
  • 当有人毫无顾忌地危及到我的人身安全时,我惯于如此反应。
    I am prone to such reaction when someone endangers my physical integrity by sheer recklessness.
  • 数据库的完整主要包括物理完整性和逻辑完整性。
    The complete database includes physical integrity and logical integrity .
  • 糖尿病时代的终结者,完整身体的守护人!
    Terminator of the amputation, Guardian of physical integrity!
  • 应试教育带来了很多问题,如学生的知识陈旧贫乏、影响学生身心健康等。
    The exam cause many questions. Such as student's knowledge obsolete deficient, affects the student physical and moral integrity, and so on .
  • 一般说来,所谓的建筑造价,往往是指那些与建筑的结构强度和物理完整性无关的因素。
    Thus, in tradition we find that architectural costs have been taken to be those that are not necessary for the structural strength and physical integrity of a building design.