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Dictionary explanation
n. (英)汽油
Web explanation
petrol - 汽油,深绿,石油
petrol station - 加油站,加油站,汽油加油站
petrol carrier - 油船,汽油运输船
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Bilingual sentences

  • 你是否驾驶一辆大型汽车并且消耗大量汽油?
    Are you driving a big car and using a lot of petrol?
  • 这款车本质上是汽油燃料驱动的,但有一个电动引擎在低速时驱动车辆并在加速时为主引擎提供协助。
    The car is essentially petrol-fuelled but has an electric engine that propels the car at low speeds and assists the main engine when accelerating.
  • 她身上的每一处都记录着那时候发生的事情,每块疤都在诉说汽油是怎样泼到她身上然后燃烧起来的。
    She wears the evidence of what happened on almost every inch of her body, every scar a reminder of how she was doused in petrol and set alight.
  • 然而,这种方式制造的乙醇比同等数量的石油释放的温室气体更少——尽管这种减少可能在29%到86%之间。
    Moreover, ethanol produced this way would emit fewer greenhouse gases than the same amount of petrol — although this reduction could be anywhere from 29 to 86 per cent.
  • 如果你的汽车烧光了汽油,可以说你用掉了一罐。
    If your car runs out of petrol, you have used a tankful.
  • 电力和汽油的成本将会大幅上升,模型建造者说,但是有正确的政策表明,这些需要不会导致我们的生活方式发生大的变化。
    Electricity and petrol costs will rise significantly, but with the right policies in place, say the modellers, this need not lead to big changes in our lifestyle.
  • 所以即使在今天对于一些人来说,神圣食品玉米居然要被运用到汽车油箱里,这简真是不可理喻。
    So even today for some people it's unthinkable that maize, the divine food, should end up in a petrol tank.
  • 你可以用汽油去掉那个污渍。
    You can use petrol to take out that stain.