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digital pet - 电子宠物
Pet Food - 宠物食品,宠物食物,宠物用食品
pet rope - 聚酯绳,涤纶绳,宠物绳
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Bilingual sentences

  • 对孩子来说,一只宠物的死亡可能会造成心理创伤。
    For a child the death of a pet can be traumatic.
  • 孩子会先把家中的宠物猫称为“猫”,然后将其他像猫的动物都称为“猫”。
    A child first labels the household pet cat as a 'cat' and then generalises this label to other animals that look like it.
  • 如果以前没有养过鹦鹉,最好买一本相关的饲养手册。
    If you have not kept a pet parrot before, it would be wise to purchase a handbook on the subject.
  • 这是我的小宠物。
    This is my pet.
  • 显然,养海龟作宠物十分残忍。
    It is plainly cruel to keep turtles as pets.
  • 蛇是她最恨的动物之一。
    Snakes are one of her pet hates.
  • 政客是我最讨厌的人。
    Politicians are my pet hate.
  • 这是我的宠物狗。
    This is my pet dog.
  • 猫很有可能是吃了受污染的宠物食品而染上这种疾病的。
    There is a strong possibility that the cat contracted the condition by eating contaminated pet food.
  • 我轻抚着捋平她的头发。
    I petted and smoothed her hair.
  • 一旦你选好了养狗场,别忘了为你的宠物预订。
    Once you have chosen a kennel, don't forget to make a booking for your pet.
  • 她有世上最佳的宠物——一只活生生的老虎。
    She has the best pet of all — a real live tiger.
  • 这幅油画是他的得意之作。
    This oil painting is his pet and darling work.
  • 他们将把肉当作宠物食品卖掉。
    They would sell the meat off as pet food.
  • 他不会袖手旁观任由他最看好的项目被扼杀。
    He would not stand by and let his pet project be killed off
  • 要确保不在家时宠物不会想你。
    Make sure your pet won't pine while you're away.
  • 这位女士对发生在自己宠物身上的事感到非常惊讶。
    This lady was genuinely surprised at what happened to her pet
  • 宠物的主人都知道它们有自己的个性。
    Every pet owner knows their animal has its own personality
  • 选择这个例子仅仅是因为它能说明这位评论家目前最钟爱的理论。
    The example is chosen solely for its aptness in illustrating the current pet theory of the critic.
  • 没事儿,宝贝儿,让我来吧。
    It's all right, pet, let me do it.
  • 芭芭拉认为把这些鸟卖给顾客的宠物商店非常不地道。
    Barbara considers that pet shops which sell customers these birds are very unfair.
  • 这个疯狂的作家把龙虾当宠物养。
    This mad writer kept a lobster as a pet.
  • 小姑娘亲热地搂抱着小猫。
    The little girl cuddled her pet cat.
  • 新的宠物普查显示出猫的数量略微超过了狗的数量(700万比690万)。
    A new pet census showed that cats now outnumber dogs by a whisker ( 7 million to 6.9 million)
  • 我把多余的鸟卖给当地的宠物商店。
    I sell my surplus birds to a local pet shop
  • 有个人把宠物放在楼梯下面,结果它在那儿把电线咬断了。
    One owner left his pet under the stairs where the animal chewed through electric cables.