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Dictionary explanation
n. 害虫;有害之物;讨厌的人
n. (Pest)人名;(德、捷)佩斯特
Web explanation
pest - 害虫,佩斯,佩斯州
Pest control - 害虫防治,农业虫害问题,虫害控制
tin pest - 锡瘟,锡病,锡疫
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害兽 / 害虫 / 讨厌的人 / 讨厌的事物
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有害的动物, 害虫; 讨厌的人; 有害的植物; 害人精
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Bilingual sentences

  • 有些无性系还表现出了良好的抗寒性、抗病虫害性以及良好的树干形状和边枝情况。
    Several clones also showed satisfactory cold tolerance, pest and disease resistance, and trunk form and side branching.
  • 那人真是牛皮糖。
    That man's a real pest.
  • 有害生物风险分析包括有害生物风险评估和有害生物风险管理。
    Pest risk analysis includes pest risk assessment and pest risk management.
  • 他爬桌子,拽我的头发,总之是个讨厌鬼。
    He climbed on the table, pulled my hair, and was generally a pest.
  • 在我国粮食仓储中害虫防治的现状不容乐观。
    Pest of grain storage in the current situation is not optimistic.
  • 害虫来了,葡萄藤就枯萎了。
    Vines wither as pest returns.
  • 对今后的防治和研究提出了一些建议。
    Some suggestions for the further control and study on this insect pest were also proposed.
  • 狐狸的害人精形象在传闻和民间故事中遭到严重的夸大。
    The image of the fox as a pest is grossly exaggerated in anecdote and folklore.
  • 一种叫玉米根虫的害虫每年会让粮食减产10%。
    Each year ten percent of the crop is lost to a pest called corn rootworm.
  • 棉花遭受了一种致命的虫害。
    An insect pest fatal to cotton had struck the crop.
  • 这是个新课题,需要深入研究。
    This is a new subject and needs to be explored in depth. pest, most severe, etc.