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Dictionary explanation
vt. 扰乱;使…混乱;使…心绪不宁
Web explanation
perturb - 使心烦意乱,扰乱,使不安
directed perturb - 定向微扰
stationary perturb - 固定扰动
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扰乱, 使心慌, 使混乱
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Bilingual sentences

  • 这些温室气体会扰乱气候的辐射平衡。
    And these greenhouse gases perturb the radiation balance of climate.
  • 她的突然出现似乎一点也没有令他不安。
    Her sudden appearance did not seem to perturb him in the least.
  • 我提出了一个同样会让你困扰的具有争议性的命题,“现有成功还是先有幸福?”
    I've come up with an equally controversial expression to perturb your mind, "which comes first, the success or the happiness?"
  • 头痛,发烧,轻微的擦伤和只是简单的困难和挑战,在一天一天的生活打乱我们,我们痛心。
    Headache, fever, minor bruises and just simple difficulties and challenges in day to day life perturb us, sadden us.
  • 他的同事Anatoly Kabaniets坐在驾驶位置上,听到这里笑着说:“这些小挫折时不会击垮我们的。
    His colleague Anatoly Kabaniets, sitting in the driver's seat, smiles when hearing this: "All this small stuff doesn't perturb us.
  • 为了验证我们的系统,我们必须在实验室设置在测的应用程序,利用事件进行干扰,并且当不能适当处理事件时进行监测。
    To verify our system, we must set up the application under test in the lab, perturb it with events, and detect when it fails to handle an event properly.
  • 为了救那个姓苏的你给我找了多少麻烦?
    For saving that surname Su of you sought for me how many perturb?
  • 当克尔的博导在他的理论的中途离开剑桥的时候,这并没有使他感到不安.
    And when Kerr's PhD supervisor left the University of Cambridge with Kerr only half way through his thesis, it didn't perturb him.
  • 他们可以轻微地干扰这个系统来观察相应的变化。
    They could perturb the system slightly to see how it changed.
  • 几乎没有什么事情能够减缓全球化的脚步。
    Very few events are able to perturb an increasingly globalised world.
  • 当然批评家们认为他没能尽自己的职责来预防危机的发生。
    Yet perturb critics say he feel failed to do his part to provide prevent the creasescrisis.
  • 以后不要随便打扰我,更不要打扰我家人,不然我会报警。
    Hereafter don't literally disturb me, don't even perturb my family, otherwise I will report to the police.
  • 还要害我去救你,麻烦精!
    Return vital chapter I save you and perturb Jing!
  • 但我不会鸣叫,不会打扰你的清静。
    But I won't tweet , won't perturb you from the peace.
  • 我提出了一个同样会让你困扰的具有争议性的命题,“现有成功还是先有幸福?” 在你?
    I've come up with an equally controversial expression to perturb your mind, "which comes first, the success or the happiness?"
  • 他们以谎言和宣传扰乱良好的社会秩序。
    They perturb good social order with their lie and propaganda.
  • “它能进入大脑,定居在这里并有针对性地改变寄主的行为,像这样的生物并不多见。” House说。
    "There are not many organisms that can get into the brain, stay there and specifically perturb your behavior, " House said.
  • 最后本文采用定子磁场定向的矢量控制策略,结合转速扰动功率观测的控制算法对转子侧进行了仿真验证。
    Finally, simulating experiment for the whole system is carried through with the stator flux-oriented vector strategy and control arithmetic of rotor speed perturb and power observation.
  • 增长的氧气无疑是复杂生命进化的主要原因。
    "This increased oxygen no doubt had major consequences for the evolution of complex life. It can be expected that modern changes will also strongly perturb evolution, " (Papineau) adds.
  • Kaeberlein 说:“当你搅乱基因的功能时,大量的基因已经被鉴定。 你就增加了生命期”。
    "A lot of genes have been identified that when you perturb their function, you get increased life span, " Kaeberlein says.
  • 该设计方案在功率放大、全自动倒换、抗干扰、抗信号衰弱、实时视频信号监控等方面都有较大创新。
    The scheme has biggish innovations on power amplification, automatism rearrange, perturb resisting, signal attenuation preventing, real time video frequency signal surveillance etc.