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vt. 说服,劝说;使某人相信;劝某人做(不做)某事
vi. 说服;被说服
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Bilingual sentences

  • 你觉得能劝说他们到这里来见我吗?
    Do you think you could persuade them over to see me?
  • 这能说服国会掏钱吗?
    Will this be enough to persuade Congress to cough up?
  • 我们正在努力劝说制造商在这里销售。
    We're trying to persuade manufacturers to sell them here
  • 找一个跟他说得来的人去动员他。
    Get someone who is on good terms with him to try and persuade him.
  • 我丈夫说服我前来。
    My husband persuaded me to come
  • 最终他们被警方劝服,同意投案自首。
    They were eventually persuaded by the police to give themselves up.
  • 4月保守党在大选中获胜促使他再次竞选总统。
    The Conservative Party's victory in April's general election persuaded him to run for President again
  • 德里克让我相信这个想法是可行的。
    Derek persuaded me of the feasibility of the idea.
  • 说服其余人跟着效仿的努力仍在继续。
    Efforts to persuade the remainder to follow suit have continued.
  • 我尽了最大的努力去说服她。
    I did my damnedest to persuade her.
  • 我想要说服你更理智一点儿。
    I'm trying to persuade you to be more sensible.
  • 我已经说服坦南特夫人她该退休了。
    I've persuaded Mrs Tennant that it's time she retired
  • 他很可能会试图说服同事们改变主意。
    He will doubtless try and persuade his colleagues to change their minds
  • 我们说服他参加可费了一番周折。
    We had the devil's own job to persuade him to take part.
  • 无数次劝他写回忆录的尝试均以失败告终。
    Numerous attempts to persuade him to write his memoirs came to nought.
  • 那并没有说服他们放弃战争,但的确迫使他们重新评估了自己的战略。
    It did not persuade them to abandon the war but it did force them to reappraise their strategy.
  • 我相信她的话在校长面前有一些分量,她有可能说服他。
    I believe she has some influence with the headmaster--she might persuade him.
  • 任我们怎样劝说,他也不听。
    No matter how hard we tried to persuade him, he wouldn't listen.
  • 不知用了什么方法,他成功说服凯给他买了一个。
    Somehow, he'd managed to persuade Kay to buy one for him
  • 就是因为想要清静,我们最终在本出生后搬家了。
    It was the lack of privacy that eventually persuaded us to move after Ben was born.
  • 辩论的时候,必须采取摆事实,讲道理,以理服人的方法。
    The method to be used in debates is to present the facts, reason things out, and persuade through reasoning.
  • 只要你的方法得当,说服他并不难。
    It's easy to persuade him if you go the right method.
  • 他们从没有试图劝我隐瞒这个消息。
    At no time did they try to persuade me to suppress the information