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Dictionary explanation
n. 人事消息栏;人称代名词
adj. 个人的;身体的;亲自的
Web explanation
personal - 个人的,私人的,人身
Personal income - 个人所得,个人收入,个人所得
personal computer - 个人电脑,个人计算机,人计算机
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Bilingual sentences

  • 我从来没有任何玩具,我父亲认为它们会扭曲我的价值观。
    I never had any toys, my father thought that they would warp my personal values
  • 吃一堑长一智,他这个教训来之不易——是从他自己的亲身经历中得来的。
    He learned this lesson the hard way — from his own personal experience
  • 典型的掌上电脑具有移动电话、传真发送机和个人文件夹的功能。
    A typical PDA can function as a mobile phone, fax sender, and personal organizer.
  • 迈拉批评我写的东西,她的批评多少有些人身攻击的味道。
    Myra was attacking something I'd written, and her attack got a little personal.
  • 奈特先生说他是由于个人原因而辞职。
    Mr Knight said that he had resigned for personal reasons.
  • 他开始对我进行一连串的人身攻击。
    He's begun a series of personal attacks on my character
  • 刘易斯·麦肯奇将军的威信和勇气给所有人留下了深刻的印象。
    General Lewis Mackenzie has impressed everyone with his authority and personal courage
  • 我就是觉得我的个人生活很失败。
    I just felt I had been a failure in my personal life.
  • 她问了我太多太多的个人问题。
    She's asking far too many personal questions for my liking.
  • 个人道德和职业道德有时会相互抵触。
    Personal ethics and professional ethics sometimes conflict
  • 绝不要让个人问题影响你的表现。
    You never allow personal problems to affect your performance
  • 她将我的询问当成了人身侮辱。
    She has taken my enquiry as a personal affront.
  • 她对世界的忧虑加剧了她对自己未来的恐惧。
    Her anxiety about the world was amplifying her personal fears about her future.
  • 我们为工作牺牲了私人生活。
    We sacrifice our personal lives to our work
  • 难民们同时抱怨说士兵偷他们的食品和私人财物,而且借提供食物和住处之机向他们索贿。
    Refugees also complain that soldiers steal food and personal property from them and demand bribes in exchange for food or shelter
  • 他是一位我认识多年的私人朋友。
    He was a personal friend whom I've known for many many years
  • 这部电影探讨了公共义务和个人情感之间的冲突。
    The film explored the tension between public duty and personal affections.
  • 冲着个性化设计人们不介意多花点儿钱。
    People do not mind paying a bit extra for the personal touch.
  • 个人免税额的多少取决于年龄和婚姻状况。
    The personal allowance depends on your age and marital status.
  • 报纸采取了人身攻击的手段。
    Newspapers resorted to personal abuse
  • 总统来了,随行的是他的私人保镖。
    The President arrived, followed by his personal bodyguard.
  • 分析与说明是个很主观的事情。
    Analysis and interpretation is a very personal thing.
  • 他们遭逢了巨大的个人不幸。
    They have suffered an enormous personal tragedy
  • 那是我的个人观点。
    That's my personal opinion.