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Dictionary explanation
adj. 固执的,坚持的;持久稳固的
Web explanation
Persistent - 执着,持久稳固的,坚持的
persistent overheating - 持续升温,连续升温
Persistent Classes - 持久化类,久化类,持久类
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坚持不懈的 / 持续存在的 / 反复出现的
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固执的, 持续的, 坚持的
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Bilingual sentences

  • 因此,应该使用持久的设备路径。
    Therefore, you should use a persistent device path.
  • 它能很凑效,但是如果对方很固执的话,那么你不可能忽视他很久。
    It can work well, but if the person is persistent, you can’t ignore them for long.
  • 这意味着,在公司内存在战略上的“核心”与“非核心”资源与能力,只有那些核心竞争力产生显著而持续的差异。
    This means that, there are strategically ‘core’ and ‘non-core’ resources and capabilities in a firm, of which only core competences make significant persistent differences.
  • 这种信息需要作为对所有这些战术活动的持久且普遍深入的信息的一部分。
    Such a message needs to be part of the persistent and pervasive message on all these tactical activities.
  • 这里,我选择使用文件系统作为保持计数器持久的机制。
    Here, I have chosen the filesystem as the mechanism to keep the counter persistent.
  • 调度节点和执行节点都要维持关于它们的作业状态的持久信息。
    Both the scheduling node and the execution nodes maintain persistent information about the state of their jobs.
  • 显而易见,每个目的地必须至少有一个持久存储区,以便保存其内容及其内容数据。
    Obviously, each Destination has to have at least one persistent store in order to save its contents and its context data.
  • 当然,请求者应用程序需要服务调用之间的持久状态,但是这不应该与服务提供者分开。
    Of course, requester applications require persistent state between service invocations, but this should be separate from the service provider.
  • 我们冷静地跟随它唤起的洞察和感想,在这种情况下,我们能感受到我们和宇宙的持久关系:我们的共同依赖。
    We calmly abide with the insight and the feelings it evokes, in this case, the feeling of our persistent relationship with the universe: our co-dependence.
  • 使用这种方法,整个应用程序逻辑将作为数据被保存在相同的持久存储中。
    Using this approach, the entire application logic could be stored in the same persistent storage as the data.
  • 这种持续的压力可能会导致健康上的问题,如头痛和失眠。
    This persistent stress can lead to health problems, such as headaches and insomnia.
  • 我们有些人认为比起财政支出,持久的高失业率才是真正左右选举的关键因素,但这些都无所谓。
    Some of us believe that the elections were less about spending than they were about persistent high unemployment, but whatever.
  • 持久性上下文是一组托管实体实例,其中对于任何持久实体标识,都存在一个唯一的实体实例。
    A persistence context is a set of managed entity instances in which, for any persistent entity identity, there is a unique entity instance.
  • 我们都很钦佩他们坚持不懈的努力。
    All of us admire their persistent efforts.
  • 例如,一个需求可以是:"数据必须是持久的"。
    For example, a need can be: "Data should be persistent".
  • 必须将源数据整合到单个持久的目标,以便通过将这些数据集成为公共的和一致的格式来解决这些问题。
    The source data must be consolidated into a single persistent target to address those challenges by integrating the data into a common and consistent format.
  • 也许您还记得 第 1 部分中的内容,我曾介绍了工作和持久存储之间的区别。
    As you might remember from Part 1, I discussed some of the differences between working and persistent storage.
  • 服务提供者通常也需要访问持久的数据,用于它们的执行设计。
    Service providers also often need access to persistent data for use in their implementation designs.
  • 在精神和心灵成长的哪个方面你还需要更多的耐心和坚持呢?
    In what area of your spiritual growth do you need to be more patient and persistent?