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n. 青霉素;盘尼西林(penicillin的复数)
Web explanation
Penicillins - 青霉素类,青霉素,青霉素类抗生素
Natural Penicillins - 天然青霉素
Isoxazoly Penicillins - 异恶唑基青霉素
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Bilingual sentences

  • 头孢菌素和青霉素交叉过敏反应的结构基础探讨
    Studies on the structural basis of cross anaphylactic reactivity between penicillins and cephalosporins
  • 结论青霉素、阿莫西林及解热镇痛类药物是引起药疹最常见的药物。
    Conclusions Penicillins, especially amoxicillin, and NSAIDs are the most frequent causes of drug eruption.
  • TEM-1、TEM-2对青霉素类有较强水解作用,对第一代头孢菌素和第三代头孢菌素头孢哌酮也有一定程度水解,而对第二代头孢菌素头孢呋新及其它第三代头孢菌素均无水解作用;
    The penicillins, the first generation cephalosporins and cefoperazone were hydrolyzed by TEM-1 and TEM-2, but TEM-1 and TEM-2 were unable to hydrolyze the second generation cephalosporins cefuroxime and other of the third generation cephalosporins.
  • 结果所诱导的细菌对氟喹诺酮类、头孢类、青霉素类抗生素多重耐药;
    Results Compared with the parental strains, the mutants were resistant to quinolones, cephalosporins and penicillins;
  • 氨基甙类及青霉素类抗生素在水牛体内代谢动力学的研究
    Pharmacokinetics study of aminoglycosides and penicillins antibiotics in buffaloes
  • 结果:排列前三位的药物为青霉素类、喹诺酮类、头孢菌素类;
    Results: Penicillins, quinolones and cephalosporins were in the first three places;
  • 屎肠球菌对青霉素类抗生素的耐药性与β-内酰胺酶产生率呈正相关。
    There is positive relation among S. faecium producing β lactamase and penicillins resistance.
  • 产AmpC酶菌对青霉素类和一至三代头孢类抗菌药物耐药率高达37%~100%;
    The resistance rate of AmpC enzyme producing strains to penicillins and the first, second and third-generations cephalosporins was 37-100%.
  • 目的:了解青霉素类口服制剂的安全性问题。
    Objective: To understand the safety of oral penicillins agents.
  • 几种新的青霉素类及氨基糖甙类药物对尿糖测定的干扰研究
    Interference of new penicillins and aminoglycosides with urine glucose monitoring tests
  • 结果30株铜绿假单孢菌中,对β-内酰胺复合物(青霉素类)耐药率为100%,对氯霉素耐药率为90%;
    Results Among 30 strains of P.aeruginosa, the resistance rate to β-lactam compounds ( penicillins) was 100% and that to chloromycetin was 90%.
  • 在三岁以前,胃酸分泌处于低水平,对酸不稳定的药物,例如青霉素的吸收会增强。
    Before then, the stomach has low levels of acid, and acid-labile drugs, such as the penicillins, show enhanced absorption.
  • 青霉素类抗生素在街道环境中耐药菌比例最高;
    The proportion of penicillins antibiotics in streets was the highest.
  • LC-MS/MS测定牛奶中六种青霉素类抗生素残留
    Residue Analysis of Six Penicillins in Milk by LC-MS/ MS
  • 对大部分其它青霉素类抗菌素,第一、二代头孢菌素及部分第三代头孢菌素有较高耐药性。
    Higher drug-resistance to the other penicillins, the first and the second and some third generation cephalosporins.